First 40 Minutes of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Campaign – Solo & Stealth

Published on August 22, 2019 by PS4Trophies

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. The first 40 minutes of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The intro, character creation and the entire tutorial mission and the town of Erewhon, your primary home base.

Face your deadliest enemy yet, The Wolves, former Ghosts who have betrayed their country. Led by the charismatic Colonel Cole D. Walker they have taken control of Auroa for an unknown purpose. Now in control of Auroa’s powerful drone technology The Wolves and their allies will hunt you mercilessly across Auroa.

The world of Auroa can be explored either solo or along side friends with Ghost Recon’s best in class seamless jump in jump out co-op. There are no restrictions on when teammates can join you and all progression is maintained across the squad.

Take on the Wolves in the main story or explore Auroa together to complete the many diverse side activities the open world has to offer.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will also feature competitive PvP multiplayer where your squad can test their skill against other Ghosts in short high-action game modes.

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint your unique Ghost will be your persistent character across all game modes and activities. Whether you are playing in solo, co-op, or multiplayer everything you accomplish or earn will contribute to your character’s progression. All functional and cosmetic customization carries over allowing you to play your way.

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    Ian here to say 1st but ima let y’all know rn this one is actually going to be a good game


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