Until Dawn – How To Kill or Save Everyone – Death Endings (This is THE End & They All Live)

Published on August 24, 2015 by PS4Trophies

Until Dawn has 8 characters who can live or die. How will each one die? How to get all the ending trophies? I will show you how to kill, or prevent killing each character.
Josh will live (in a manner of speaking) in the end if you look at the The Twins #20 journal in episode 10 and any card with the tattoo image such as the Twins Card #5 in Hannah’s bedroom. If you don’t look at the Journal he will die. The journal is found when you go into the water with sam and mike and go left. Follow my collectible guides for specific locations.

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Earn these 8 trophies for the endings.
The Quicker Man (Gold)
Four Daughters Of Darkness (Gold)
They All Live (Gold)
This Is THE End (Gold)
Don’t Scare Jessica To Death

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★ Until Dawn includes the following secret trophies ★

***************MAJOR SPOILERS*****************


A Symphony of Horror Trophies (Platinum)
You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in
Until Dawn

Fatal Grudge (Bronze)
Chris chose to shoot Ashley

The Exorcism of Emily (Bronze)
Mike shot Emily

Ashley Snaps (Silver)
Ashley snapped and let Chris die

You Let The Wrong One In! (Bronze)
Ashley or Chris opened the trap door and let the monster in

Let eM In (Bronze)
Mike allowed Emily to stay in the basement

Instant Inferno (Silver)
Sam immediately flicked the switch to set the lodge ablaze

The Tale of The Two Sisters (Gold)
The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline

The Fateful Descent (Gold)
The group found all the clues from the 1952 Clueline

You Opened Their Eyes (Gold)
The group found all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline

Four Daughters Of Darkness (Gold)
All of the girls survived until dawn

They All Live (Gold)
All eight friends survived until dawn

This Is THE End (Gold)
Nobody survived until dawn

Don’t Scare Jessica To Death (Silver)
Jessica survived her night of terror

The Skilful Wolf Man (Gold)
Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium

Scream Too! (Silver)
Mike cut off his fingers to free himself from the bear trap

The Psycho Path (Silver)
Sam or Ashley attacked the psycho with a weapon

The Quicker Man (Gold)
All the boys escaped death

Night of the Totem Hunter (Gold)
The group found all the totems on the mountain .
All Until Dawn Secret Trophies



  • LukeyCharms 9 years ago

    I just have one question… When the flamethrower guy is at your door and
    Chris has the gun you have the option to shoot him. Does it actually let
    you kill him or does he just take the gun from his hand anyways?

  • Dante Grell 9 years ago

    this my game right here I saved everyone on the first day I played this
    knowing that I wanted to kill Emily for being a bitch

  • Kamitiari 9 years ago

    at the lodge, after having everyone leave, including mike and you are at
    the last don’t move thing at the end of the game, if you fail and sam dies,
    because everyone is no longer in the lodge, does it still somehow burst
    into flames?

  • MinyBeats 9 years ago

    I’m pretty sure most of them got frostbite of extreme fevers after
    this…if they didn’t then that is extremely unrealistic, especially for

  • m78rashed 9 years ago

    this video was huge helpful to me specifically in the end the 50% of the
    trophy i was afraid that i have to play the game 4 times lol^_^

  • Kersgeval 9 years ago

    I think you forgot the death of Matt when he does jump to safety and meets
    Jessica in the mines. If they run and you fail to do whatever u have to do,
    Matt’s head gets bashed in or something. I mightve missed it in the video
    tho but whatever xd

  • Wes H 9 years ago

    chris wasnt in the prank in the beginning either it wasnt just sam, chris
    was passed out with josh in the kitchen

  • rockfyshsgirl 9 years ago

    0:40 “Moose or turtles…” *clap…clap…clap*

  • BlueSparks 9 years ago

    Chris wasn’t in the prank, he was passed out with Josh.

  • Emma Eck 9 years ago

    with the ‘keep everyone alive’ trophy, they seem to forget Josh turning
    into a windigo. Is there any way to keep him from turning, and also saving

  • dubem odum 9 years ago

    ashley: NO CHRIS SHOOT ME, LET ME DIE BLAH BLAH BLEUGH *does as she says* *gets
    chris killed later because of this* ….who wrote this script? who thought
    this would make any sense?

  • Crisis Control 9 years ago

    did you say turtle about the deer???

  • Crisis Control 9 years ago

    sewer? no-eez??

  • Auke Meijer 9 years ago

    Evryone can live
    Unless for Beth
    Fuck Beth

  • yung smooky 9 years ago

    who put matt on the hook?

  • Nathan Tincher 9 years ago

    how come everyone forgets about the death scene were Matt gets his face
    smashed by the Wendigo

  • Punkblade 9 years ago

    If Matt lives he will find Jessica in the mines and you don’t play as her
    for very long

  • The Golden Cat 9 years ago

    Cool vids from stampylongnose

  • SouthForGames 9 years ago

    theese hoes aint loyal

  • Attila Sánta 9 years ago


  • Melissa Wilson 9 years ago

    I have not played this game beccUs I don’t have a ps4

  • awesomestuff81 9 years ago

    thanks for help with getting this platinum! was an awesome game!! :)

  • Nayanci Hdz 9 years ago

    you can kill ash by killing her with the buzzsaw

  • Don't starve master 9 years ago

    I found other way to kill ash you get choice to kill ash or Josh when
    Jessica dies

  • NinjaAddictionz 9 years ago

    I played the game. and the only character i wanted to live the most was
    jess. and that’s the only one that i accidentally killed.

  • Kegs 9 years ago

    You can kill ashley @ the end.

    Stay still … go for the switch … she burns.

  • TreeTrasher 9 years ago

    Turtles *facepalm*

  • Sam Waterman 9 years ago

    If you are going for the ‘they all die’ ending, this is the only. But near
    the ending, if Sam goes for the switch when Ashley is still in the lodge,
    she will be burned to death, same with Emily.

  • alan castro 9 years ago

    So if i’m looking for the collectibles in the same run wich I wanna save
    everyone I cant because of the ashley collectibe in the trapdoor with the
    wendingo thing right?

    So all the collectibles need to be done in my everyone’s dead way? or the
    collectible stack in any way?
    please answer me before I start again the game haha

  • Jelena Lewin 9 years ago

    Ashley can die at the end, if Sam runns to the Button to blow up the Lodge.
    (If she Do, Mike will die too.)

  • AJAnewage 9 years ago

    but she said kill her… double standards bitch

  • Freakiotic Bitzlecocker 9 years ago

    What happens if you move as Sam after Mike gets out of the lodge?

  • Zayn Hegg 9 years ago

    how do you keep Josh alive

  • Thomas Wester 9 years ago

    i saved all of them but dind’t get a trophy :S?

  • Carsten Mielke 9 years ago

    you are a basdart

  • Cyber Ice Blood 9 years ago

    I think you miss one death for Jess and mike at the start of the game

  • chelsea woodall 9 years ago

    chris wasn’t apart of the hannah prank he was passed out with josh

  • The Darkness 9 years ago

    But wait didnt ashley say she wants him to kill her to save him

  • vejolta 9 years ago

    moose or turtles…>.>

  • John Doe 9 years ago

    even though I didn’t investigate the noise with ashley she never made it at
    the end any one else have this problem??

  • Jimbocius 9 years ago

    “Now if you can see, she’s still *alive*, and she’s missing her jaw, and
    she’s *dead*” Well then.

  • Lumisxf Nix 9 years ago

    matt can also die if you chose to kill the elk when him and emily were
    against the cliff surrounded by elk.

  • FaZe 2D 9 years ago

    Matt and Josh are my favorites

  • Rashid Alshamsi 9 years ago

    I didn’t fail the quick time events but Jessica died

  • Justin Therian 9 years ago

    you can kill Ashley at the end

  • Irma Bradford 9 years ago

    i saved ash from getting sawed and this is what chris gets back LET ME
    IN!!!!!!!! no! :3

  • 1winterrosepetals 9 years ago

    How exactly does Josh live? I read it in the description, but I’m still

  • June Kim 9 years ago

    U forgot Beth and hannah

  • ToDaY iS ThE DaY 9 years ago

    U forgot if matt and jessica are in mine and if you hide and move both will

  • nychold 9 years ago

    Probably already been corrected, but neither Sam *nor* Chris were in on the
    prank. Chris was passed out on the bar across from Josh.

  • lipton3d 9 years ago

    they all need to die, fuck em

  • Quentin Clemens 9 years ago

    This guide is extremely incomplete. For instance: even if you succeed at
    ALL the quick-time events as Mike in Episode 4, she’s still going to be
    dead if he chose the safe paths. Even if Sam finds Hannah’s diary, Josh is
    still gonna die if you didn’t find any of the tattoo clues. You forgot to
    mention that you should not tell Chris to stay behind in Episode 9 if you
    want him to live (he can die there too). And you should definitely give
    more detailed instructions on how to save both Sam and Mike in Episode 10 (
    Save Mike – Hide – Hide). You also should have noted that Mike will only
    get the opportunity to shoot Emily if she didn’t shoot the Wendigo with the
    flare gun. Lastly, you didn’t mention Matt will be in the mines with
    Jessica if they both live and you need to select Hide – Hide – Take Jessica
    – Break Through.
    I usually really value your videos. I didn’t need this video, since I
    played through the game alot of times and figured this out myself, but I
    think you should only post a guide if it’s actually complete for those who
    want to do these playthroughs immediately.

  • Jeremy Silva 9 years ago

    If you get all the quick time events in god of war then you pro nigga

  • mautishy 666 9 years ago

    la muerte de jess esta re copada

  • Yomaira Espinal 9 years ago

    Any one realize the butterflies on the trophy represent Gold Silver &

  • King Rivers 9 years ago

    She got undressed? Someone raped her and stole her jaw.

  • King Rivers 9 years ago

    And why are those monsters killing each other.

  • phensu xiong 9 years ago

    You forgot to show chris died for staying at the basement

  • Xorran Xan 9 years ago

    Favorite Characters:

    1. Josh
    2. Sam
    3. Mike
    4. Chris
    5. Matt
    6. Jessica
    7. Ashley
    9. Emily

  • The Gamer of Life 9 years ago

    There is another way to kill Ashley. Don’t go and investigate the voice.
    Wait till Emily runs out of the cabin and run to the switch and Ashley and
    Mike die.

  • Guilherme Nogueira 9 years ago


  • Fail Gaming 9 years ago

    I don’t know why Ashley doesn’t save him because at the table when Chris
    has the gun she says to him you made the other choice now I will choose for
    you and she says to kill her

  • Blue Nano808 9 years ago

    Characters worst to best (in my opinion)
    8) Emily
    7) Jessica
    6) Mike
    5) Ashley
    4) Chris
    3) Matt
    2) Sam
    1) Josh

  • Marcos Rodriguez 9 years ago

    its funny how you say wendiingoo

  • XBSx 9 years ago

    the wedigo just wanted some head Kappa

  • CatMan's 9 years ago

    Emily is my favorite :so that sucks

  • actorben 9 years ago

    Does anyone know if there’ll be a sequel? Maybe not w/the original
    characters but I may be wrong. If you do, let me know.

  • Adam “C2CryBoys” Lewis 9 years ago

    What are blanks?

  • QuiteDaPlayer_ 9 years ago

    Did he just call the reindeer a turtle

  • Joshua Toledo 9 years ago

    ps4 sucks

  • Elite_Warrior Darius 9 years ago

    0:39 Those are Caribou, or more commonly known as Reindeer.

  • josh paulb 9 years ago

    is there a way u can save josh

  • josh paulb 9 years ago

    from wendigo

  • Hannah Washington 9 years ago

    Kill those 5 ( Mike , Jess , Em , Matt , and Ash )!! Fucking pranksters!

  • 2BrosGaming57 9 years ago

    Did he say are these moose or turtles? Bro

  • Deondre Shelton 9 years ago

    I hate seeing Chris die

  • Newmarch0Special 9 years ago

    ahh sam is my favourite

  • Realizee 9 years ago


  • Shalashaska 9 years ago

    Okay, so on my first playthrough I shot Ashley for the Trophy, but I’ve
    gone back through the episodes following this video and changed my choice
    and went to shoot myself (Chris) instead but when it came to episode 8
    where you must run back to the lodge, Ashley still didn’t open the door and
    just watched Chris die, and the flashback shows that Chris pointed the gun
    at her. Any idea why this still happened? I swear I waited until the end of
    the chapter, or do you have to watch the “previous in Until Dawn” before
    quitting and going to another episode? Shouldn’t it have overwritten?

  • Samuel Evan Pekula 9 years ago

    what about how to kill Josh?

  • G_Boy 9 years ago

    How taht feel you fuc-*Bruns everything* BEST LINE XD

  • Kleines Eis 9 years ago

    I bet many people wrote this but when Emily is in the stone factory or
    whatever ( I don’t get the words right now, I’m german :D) you can go
    forward and then, when you miss the quicktime event, she will die in a

  • Quetzecoatl 9 years ago

    It’s cool how they all die based on their character traits

    jessica: loud mouth ripped off
    mike: strong body broken
    sam: brave guts shredded
    emily: judging eyes gouged out
    Chris and ashley: smart heads ripped off
    josh: mentally ill head crushed

  • Magibatproductions 9 years ago

    i wudnt open the door to a potential murder and pretty much traitor. she
    doesnt get pissed when u point the gun at chris first and then try to shoot
    her. if u try to kill her without hesitation without even taking a second
    thought she has reason to not trust u EVER and let u die. it might be
    putting everyone else at a disadvantage to hav less manpower with chris
    gone but wat if chris pulled an instant inferno sam and betrays everyone
    like he did to ashley?

  • sarvesh rex 9 years ago


  • Another Commenter 9 years ago

    When everyone dies Mike looked like a boss. This game is life. They should
    make another one with a different story in a different area but with really
    different characters. i loved this game so much. i hope they do an extra
    bit or may e even another one.

  • Lauren Soulsby 9 years ago

    You didn’t do Josh, why not?

  • ThisPerfectFinale 9 years ago

    My first time playing this and i made every perfect choice until episode 9

    i then killed Ashley, Jessica, Emily, Mike and Josh in the space of like an

    typical eh. But at least Sam Chris and Matt survived

  • Celia Chong 9 years ago

    Matt’s death at the radio tower is similar to Beth’s.

  • Rachel Blossoms 9 years ago

    Chris wasn’t in the prank he was passed out drunk

  • Samuel Evan Pekula 9 years ago

    after mike finds jess, what happens if you dont shoot the wendigo, and use
    your bullet on the stranger?

  • Pro Dimitri 9 years ago

    heres the way to save everybody matt:dont hit the deer but if you be
    retarted there wiil be qte 2nd way at the tower you have to jump but if
    matt has the flare gun he can live if saving emily 3rd way in the mines you
    have to hide 1st time then 2nd time it dosnt matter what you do if you
    choose to go left u just got to lock the door if you break through u got to
    do the dont move prompt chris:fail the quick time event when going to the
    lodge and if you shoot ashley she will get you killed 2nd way if ashley
    dies when looking for mike chris can die investigating voice if you open
    the trap door or ignoring it jessica:in the beggining when playing as mike
    take all shortcuts and she will be back in episode 8 2nd way keep hiding
    and if your playing as matt do no not abandon her josh:in episode 2 pick up
    hannahs tatto card in her bedroom mike in the end fail the dont move prompt
    1st time and he will dye when breaking the bulb and if not failing the dont
    move mike will get caught breaking the bulb but will not die then run for
    switch then he will die emily fail the quick time events and she will die
    and if you try to stay on she can die and when she gets bit mike can shoot
    her and she can die if mike dies before leaving the lodge you can save her
    or run for switch do nothing or run for switch and she will die reply if i
    missed anything

  • Vijay Anand 9 years ago

    Can’t even pronounce the name of the monsters, Wendigos, right. Stupid

  • Lockket 9 years ago

    You didn’t save the cheerleader!

  • Purple Swablu 9 years ago

    So GTLive was right! Someone does make it to the end no matter what

  • Cross Phire 9 years ago

    One thing I don’t get *Matt saves Emily from the tower* If Emily survives
    till the end “He left me to die!” *Matt jumps to safety and leaves Emily to
    die* “Is Matt okay? Because I’m his girlfriend and he knows how devotend I
    am to him” Me: “Wtf? So if he saves you, you act like he left you to die
    but if he DOES leave you to die you act like he saved you?” Bruh, Emily’s
    logic doe.

  • Vlada - Cut 9 years ago

    Ashley can die in the lobby as well, if you choose to run to the switch
    Anyways, nice video you got there! 😀
    P.S: you forgot two emily deaths- the same eye bashing in the lobby and the
    one where she gets squished when falling down in a rolling machine(the part
    where you try to escape the wensigo).
    P.S.2: The Wendigo that keeps killing Emily was Hannah.


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