Super Weekend Mode – 100% Platinum Guide – Very Quick and Easy Platinum

Published on April 12, 2019 by PS4Trophies

Super Weekend Mode, published by Ratalaika Games is one of the years quickest platinum trophies. Cross buy with Vita and a stackable trophy list. It took me 3 minutes and 46 seconds to platinum from my first trophy pop. You control a blue and a red paddle with L1 and R1 to switch paddle position. Collect all the hearts and hit the yellow dust bunnies from the side. Avoid the skulls. Game is available now for $4.99

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

Platinum Weekend (Platinum)
Get all other trophies

Smells like roses (Gold)
Beat Stage 1.

Invader Bunny (Gold)
Beat stage 2.

This is a drill (Gold)
Beat stage 3.

That was easy (Gold)
Level up.

Getting some points (Gold)
Get 30000 points.

Master of points (Gold)
Get 50000 points.

Chained (Gold)
Get a 100 chain.

Mortis (Gold)
Die for the first time.

Bump ‘n Crush (Gold)
Defeat your first dust bunny.

Lots of love (Gold)
Get 300 hearts.

My hands are tired (Gold)
Play at maximun level of dificulty.

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  • Edit God 10 months ago

    Hi 1st

  • Kryptonark HD 10 months ago

    is it uk store btw another great video keep it up

  • Purple Aki 10 months ago

    €5:00 is really expensive for 3 mins of play time

  • SpiritReacher 10 months ago

    Is this a game from the Momodora Franchise..?

  • Emmanuel Copa 10 months ago

    Rule 34

  • SuperWAZZZZZZUP 10 months ago

    Is this available on the VITA? Also, is it available in EU/UK store?

  • Zyaad 10 months ago

    i think it is embarrassing when your trophy list if full with those kind of platinums ,,, my opinion

  • Brianthecow 10 months ago

    Mmmmmmmmm your a beast keep up the cheap easy plays XD. Question do u have the platinum for I am bread, if not I’d love to see you struggle on a live steam or something

  • janner bey 10 months ago

    This looks like too much effort for 3.99

  • BEATDOWN 32-Z 10 months ago

    Ps4Trophie: This is very easy

    Me: This shit mad hard bro!!

  • BadSlothLord 10 months ago

    Do you want a break ever? God ur to reliable man.


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