Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Second Owl Fight – Owl (Father) Boss Fight in Hirata Estates

Published on April 2, 2019 by PS4Trophies

The Great Shinobi Owl has a second fight in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. The Owl Father boss fight takes place in Hirata Estates in the same room you fight Lady Butterfly. Owl Father retains many of the same moves as the fight on top of Ashina Castle however he adds many more. He has two new unblockable attacks, a thrust and a sweep. He also throws firecrackers far more often than before. If he bumps you with his hip and jumps back, he will throw the firecrackers. You will see a black cloud in front of you. Back away from this and react to his next move which will either be nothing, a sword sweep into the firecrackers, a rush attack or a mikiri counterable thrust. Being able to recognize and avoid the firecrackers is the key.

He will also stand before you and raise his sword in the air. He’s vunerable and can be hit once or twice but you must evade left or right before he comes down with the sword. You can’t do this to early or he’ll cancel this move. Time it properly and you can get a hit or two in once he slams his sword down. These are his primary new moves. Owl Father will also mix in a leap attack, a jump kick back and shoot shurikens like last time.

Phase 2 is going to basically be the same thing but Owl Father will have a pet owl. At any time Owl Father can disappear and reappear wherever the owl is, which is oftentimes right behind you. The pet owl will return to Father and turn into fire and will blast a long range fire attack in your direction but you can easily jump over this. Other than that, continue phase 2 exactly how you did in the first phase.

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

All trophies have been unlocked.

Man Without Equal
Defeated all bosses

Ashina Traveler
Traveled to all areas of the game

Master of the Prosthetic
Upgraded all Prosthetic Tools to their limit

Height of Technique
Acquired all skills

All Prosthetic Tools
Acquired all Prosthetic Tools

All Ninjutsu Techniques
Acquired all Ninjutsu Techniques

Peak Physical Strength
Upgraded Vitality and Posture to their limit

Ultimate Healing Gourd
Fully upgraded the “Healing Gourd”

Immortal Severance
Attained the “Immortal Severance” ending

Attained the “Purification” ending

Dragon’s Homecoming
Attained the “Return” ending

Attained the “Shura” ending

Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina
Defeated “Sword Saint Isshin Ashina”

Master of the Arts
Grasped the inner mysteries of any combat style

Lazuline Upgrade
Used Lapis Lazuli to upgrade any tool to its limit

Revered Blade
Received the “Kusabimaru” from Kuro

Shinobi Prosthetic
Acquired the Shinobi Prosthetic

Memorial Mob
Encountered the Memorial Mob

Returned from the dead using “Resurrection” for the first time

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa
Defeated “Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa”

The Phantom Lady Butterfly
Defeated “Lady Butterfly”

Genichiro Ashina
Defeated “Genichiro Ashina”

Guardian Ape
Defeated the “Guardian Ape”

Guardian Ape Immortality Severed
Used the Mortal Blade to sever the Guardian Ape’s undying

Folding Screen Monkeys
Caught the Folding Screen Monkeys

Great Shinobi – Owl
Defeated “Great Shinobi – Owl”

Father Surpassed
Defeated “Great Shinobi – Owl” at the Hirata Estate

Corrupted Monk
Defeated the “Corrupted Monk”

Gracious Gift of Tears
Defeated the “Divine Dragon” and obtained the “Divine Dragon’s Tears”

Isshin Ashina
Defeated “Isshin Ashina”

Demon of Hatred
Defeated the “Demon of Hatred”

Great Serpent
Defeated the “Great Serpent”.

Great Colored Carp
Defeated the “Great Colored Carp”.

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    -Xbox is such a great console- PlayStation is the best console ever

  • Amanda Weidow 11 months ago

    Early 4th

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  • karimu senpai 11 months ago

    I beat him yesterday 😀

  • Royal D 11 months ago

    its farther surpassed lol

  • FuronUltimate626 11 months ago

    Favourite boss in the game personally

  • Trevor Saul 11 months ago

    When you see the unlockable symbol for his forward slice attack, jump backwards following him and you can get a couple hits before he does the overhead smash

  • QuantumTeal 11 months ago

    Also with the 2-hit combo into the firecrackers you can dodge through the firecrackers and get behind him for a few hits. I found that to be much more effective then dodging away.

  • aswin ottapilavil 11 months ago

    I think you went to this fight after finishing the game as you are doing a lot more damage to him than people usually does when they fight him normally. Yeah, a really tough fight and usually the damage you can do to him is much lesser making the fight even more longer.

  • TShorty929 11 months ago

    This was my favourite fight in the entire game. Really felt like a dance of blades.

  • TheRedCyndaquil 11 months ago

    When they re-use more bosses than ds1 and nobody says anything

  • Masta Don 11 months ago

    Beat him the first time at the castle kind of curious how to get to this fight.
    I figure it’s too late though lol
    Already beat Corrupted Monk
    And the Carp


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