Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Demon of Hatred Boss Fight – How to Defeat Him Easier with Whistle

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Demon of Hatred Boss Fight. The Malcontent will make the final phase much easier. The Malcontent is a twice upgraded Finger Whistle and can cheese the final phase. However, you will need to get to the final phase so I will provide a breakdown of his attacks: ►

For the FIRST PHASE, he will have many different attack types. Learning these and recognizing them will make this much easier. Stay close, hit him during your many open windows and heal as necessary and react to his attacks. Here is what you need to look out for:

Unblockable Charge. When you see the red icon you will need to jump over his right arm (your left) as he’s charging towards you. Jump forward and left to execute this. He will then transition into is ranged attack.

Ranged attack #1. You always want to sprint towards the Demon of Hatred when he charges or jumps away. He will do a ranged attack that you can sprint under if you are quick enough. Alternatively, you can sprint further away to avoid this however it’s always best to stay as close as possible.

Belly Flop from above – He will jump straight up in the air and slam the ground. You need to be far enough away to avoid the AOE damage. Once he hits the ground you can immediately grapple back to him.

4 Hit Melee combo (Swipe, Swipe, Stomp, Swipe) When he raises his left arm and it turns bright yellow he will either do a single swipe or start his combo. In either case, sprint around him to the left and deflect his first swipe and hit him from behind while the combo continues. This and the previous 3 attacks are this most deadly. Whenever you see the left arm turn more yellow, just sprint behind him and deflect the first attack while getting behind him.

Leg stomp. You can deflect or evade around him when he lifts his leg to stomp the ground. If he stomps with his right leg first, it’ll just be that. If he stomps with his left leg first, he’ll always follow it up with a right leg stomp.

Right arm swipe. This can be deflected. When you see it, deflect and get behind him as he often follows that up with a head butt to the ground.

Head butt. This can be easily deflected or avoided but can do more than one in a row so quickly get around him. The right arm and head butt attacks don’t do much damage.

Right hand mini swipe. Occassionally he’ll do a small attack with his

SECOND PHASE is the same as the first except he now introduces two additional ranged attacks. In addition to all he’s previous moves, he will now do the following

Ranged Attack #2 – After a charge or a jump far enough back, he will charge up a powerful blast that is wide and has incredible range. It’s easiest to avoid this if you don’t sprint towards him initially. Instead, sprint left or right and jump just as he releases his flame. In the middle of your jump, you have a very small window to grapple back to him. Be careful, he often transitions directly into a ground head butt first thing after. He often starts phase 2 with a charge and a combo into this ranged attack.

Ranged Attack #3 – An alternate ranged attack will involve him throwing out a series of individual homing missiles. Sprint left or right and try to head towards him.

THIRD PHASE will see him doing all of the same stuff with the addition of two new moves. The first will see him doing a ground circle flame AOE attack that will put a circle wall of flame around you. You can stay within the circle and jump over his whirlwind fiery swings or just immediately back up outside the circle. If you are outside the circle his next move will be charging towards you.

The second thing to look out for is his charge. This time, he may charge twice in a row. The first one you need to make sure you jump over his arm and the second one is much easier since he’s far away.

This is the part of the fight I use the whistle on the Demon of Hatred boss. Using this whistle will make the Demon of Hatred go mad opening him up to a long series of attacks by you. Sometimes a whistle attempt won’t do anything. I’ve found that at most, the Demon of Hatred will only be affected by it three times in a single fight.

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