Rage 2 Spy Drones Locations?? It pains me to say this… (Mata Hari Manners Trophy)

Published on May 15, 2019 by PS4Trophies

Rage 2 requires you to destroy 30 spy drones for the Mata Hari Manners trophy and achievement. Each drone has at least two possible starting locations that it can be at. They are small and hanging on structures at many locations across the wasteland. Because they are in random locations to start the game, I can’t tell you exactly where yours will be. One day, someone will make a map marking all possible spots. There are at least 34 drones and presumably there are 2 starting locations for each drone so this video will give you just slightly more than half of their possible positions.

When you aim at a drone, the blueish green light will turn red and it will immediately fly away. You must be quick in your target acquisition and destroy it before it flys away. If it does fly away, it will move to a distant secondary location. — IF THIS HAPPENS…immediately reload your most recent autosave and try it again.

As for finding them, you may find 10+ of them at the locations I show in this video. The rest of them can be found by listening for their distinctive sound when you are close enough. You can also unlock the spy drone signal strength tracker but the tracker also will track containers and data pads (also feltrite and ark chests if you unlocked those, which I don’t recommend). If you clear each area of containers and data pads and your signal strength meter is still showing something, it’ll most likely be a drone. Remember, always reload an autosave if you suspect a drone flew away.

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