Outlast Whistleblower Insane Difficulty Walkthrough Speedrun w/ COMMENTARY – Bowelwhistler DLC

Published on May 6, 2014 by PS4Trophies

This is the Whistleblower DLC for Outlast. It’s a full walkthrough playthrough of the entire Whistleblower DLC with tips, tricks and game review commentary. Please like the video and check out my website for a full Outlast Whistleblower trophy guide –

Insane difficulty is Nightmare difficulty without the checkpoints and saves. If you die, you will start at the beginning of the game. You can only carry 2 extra batteries and start with just the one loaded in your camcorder. Enemies will hit harder and large enemies can instakill you.

Whistleblower stars Waylon Park who sent Miles the email that lead to his arrival at Mount Massive Asylum. See how the story begins and see how it ends in this wonderfully crafted story from Red Barrels.

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★ Whistleblower includes the following trophies ★

Gas Leaker – Turn of the gas (bronze)

Shocker – Turn of the electricity (bronze)

Whistleblower – Finish the Whistleblower DLC (bronze)

Bowelwhistler – Finish the DLC in Insane mode (gold)

Archivist – Collect All Documents (silver)

Legacy – Complete all recordings (silver)


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