Beyond Two Souls – All Endings TROPHY Guide (24 Endings) EVERY Possible Ending & How To Get Them

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24 ENDINGS. Beyond Two Souls All Endings Trophy Guide – Saw all endings.. Important info below, please read

Endings Timestamps

(Jodie Dies in Black Sun)
Bad Ending 2:00

(Saved Everyone)
Beyond 3:51
……Alone 15:31
…..Zoey 26:25
…..Jay 29:04
…..Ryan 31:45

(Let Everyone Die)
Beyond 36:20
Life – Only one of the three below are needed for trophy if you did everything above. I did Alone
…..Alone 43:41
…..Zoey (Adds no new scenes if you did all the above)
…..Jay (Adds no new scenes if you did all the above)

Duplicate ending scenes have been removed from video. All endings are basically a series of small cutscenes patched together so if an ending features one already viewed, it’s been edited out

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First Step
SAVED ALL ENDINGS (No Character Dies)

To see all endings, play the game through and prevent the following characters from dying:


For a Saved All guide please watch –

You will need to choose either life or beyond at the end of Black Sun. If you choose life, you will have to chapter select the epilogue (select save progress) and play it four times and select each of the four choices. Beyond only has one ending.

Once you complete the epilogue for either Life or Beyond, you will have to replay Black Sun and choose the other ending.

Second Step
A BETTER WORLD ENDINGS (All characters Die)

For these endings, you will have to allow the following people to die:


For a A Better World Guide, watch –

If you played the Saved All Endings first, you’ll need to go back and let each of the six characters listed above die. You don’t have to start a fresh game. Simply start in the chapter “Homeless”. NOTE – You CAN NOT skip ahead after saving characters. You will have to play from Homeless onward without skipping chapters. You can also start a new game and all your endings progress will still be saved. You may want to start a new game if you need the “Together till the End” trophy.

When you get to the Black Sun, choose Beyond and then replay Black Sun and choose life and select the Alone ending.

Step Three (can be done anytime)
Let Jodie die at the end of Black Sun. Right after your encounter with Nathan where he diesa and gets reunited with his family, you will meet a bunch of entities. Fail all the QTE’s and jodie will die and you’ll get this single ending.

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