Battlefield 4 & Burnout Paradise Gameplay – Powered by EA Access Live Stream – #SponsoredbyEA

Published on July 28, 2019 by PS4Trophies

Join EA Access, now available on PlayStation 4. With EA Access, you’ll have access to 31 platinums and 1392 total trophies all for the price of $4.99 for one month or $29.99 for a whole year. Play new EA titles days before launch, dive into a huge library of games you can play as much as you want, and score special bonuses just for being a member like 10% of purchases of new digital games.

This is a replay of a recent Twitch livestream. I’m giving away two EA Access monthly subscriptions to YouTube viewers who reply to my pinned comment with their favorite EA game.

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

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  • Reece Connor 4 years ago

    Nice gameplay

  • pacs biggest white fan mak 4 years ago

    Nice thanks

  • PsychoAxeMan 4 years ago

    Working great

  • Cryptic Scope 4 years ago

    Too bad ps4 doesn’t have skate 3 on ea access, cause ps4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility… hopefully they’ll remaster it for ps4

  • PS4Trophies 4 years ago

    I have two 1 month codes for EA Access to giveaway. Reply to this comment and tell me your favorite EA title and I’ll choose two random winners. Code valid for North America region only. This is an incredible value. If you plan on buying any new release digital title, you’ll get 10% off if you’re an EA Access subscriber. The discount is more than the cost of 1 month subscription.

  • Lawrence Stevens 4 years ago

    Not as good as Xbox ea access. No backwards compatibility. Also probably find it difficult to find servers for some older battlefield games

  • Does anyone else have lumbago? 4 years ago

    You look absolutely nothing what I th9ught you did and it’s permanently ruined my experience of this channel forever XD

  • Vizio60 4 years ago

    No thanks EA !!!!!!!!!!! They have bent me over and made me bleed several times over the YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • llAntimatterll 4 years ago

    Eww. EA Access.

  • Armando Ayala 4 years ago

    I love the genuine fun on Burnout!

  • UnknownUser 4 years ago

    How much did EA pay you to post this shit? Partnering with one of the most hated companies really shows your interest

  • Kaasam Ali Khan 4 years ago

    You sold out.


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