2017 Trophy Awards 🏆 The Top 10 Best PS4 Trophy Lists of the Year

Published on December 20, 2017 by PS4Trophies

🏆 The 2017 Trophy Awards kicks off with a look at the games with the best trophy lists of the past year. These games were all voted on by you guys. Stay tuned for the top 10 easiest platinum trophies and top 10 hardest platinum trophies from 2016

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  • Gordon Logan 2 years ago

    I sincerely believe Horizon Zero Dawn should have won game of the year. Resident Evil 7 was nearly just as Good. A bunch of REALLY REALLY good games on this list and even better that they all have solid trophy lists. #MeinLeben

  • Jeff Hedges 2 years ago

    agreed on having to replay for a 3rd time causes a game to be a problem with me. Sad Ghost Recon didnt make the list!
    I have the plat to Destiny 2, the 3 Crash’s, South Park and Horizon, still need to play a couple of those games.
    Great job on not sounding like you have the Plague in the video Brian!

  • durane123 2 years ago

    Great list, need to start AC Origins to add that trophy to my shelf

  • Nous Resterons La 2 years ago

    I thought COD WW2 would be better but it really wasn’t. I liked the Campaign but the multiplayer turned sour really quick as soon as modders and cheaters made their way into the game. For the multiplayer I don’t believe it deserves a spot on the list but for the Campaign I believe it does. So being #10 is the best it can be.

    Now personally I think the list is missing 3 really good games. Ghost Recon Wild Lands, Mass Effect Andromeda (I’m a fan of Mass Effect from beginning to now, don’t give me BS for loving the game.), and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

    I loved MEA, I’m almost certain I was the first person to get the platinum of the game on PS4. A lot of people don’t know much about the Life Is Strange games but both of their games have gotten 10/10 reviews and playing both of them will always give you goosebumps.

  • Victor Sullivan 2 years ago

    thankfully, this list also serves as a reminder for all the good games I never had a chance to play earlier in the year.

  • Gordo The Weirdo 2 years ago

    nice one Bry!!

  • Actually Galaxy 2 years ago

    Ww2 platinum was too easy, kinda disappointing

  • The CVR123 2 years ago

    I didn’t like Crash 2 and Crash 3 because of how much stuff there is to collect and all the stupid secrets in the game. For me Crash Bandicoot was the best game of the 3 and even though it was hard as crap I felt so good when I finally got the Platinum for getting the Gold time on High Road. I wish they wouldn’t have released that DLC though because it’s keeping me from getting 100% because of the time trial for the DLC is ridiculous

  • John Broach 2 years ago

    Why has no one mentioned injustice 2

  • Alan Quinney 2 years ago

    I enjoyed RE7 i platinumed on ps4 and all achievements on xbox one, want to do it on pc now, well done on list 🙂

  • MrMcGuyver377 2 years ago

    I can see why HZD was number 1, but South Park was way more fun for trophies. Uncharted was the same cookie cutter list we’ve done 7 times now….10 if you did ps3

  • Nick M 2 years ago

    Destiny 2 trophies sucked. There’s no doubt in my mind people just voted for it because it was easy to get lots of gold trophies.

  • Roof1975 2 years ago

    Proudest plats this year for me were re7, Nioh, injustice 2. For the effort and challenge.

    Games that hand me the plat don’t excite me, even horizon, assassin creed etc

  • Garrett Hunt 2 years ago

    Do the easiest platinums in 2017

  • The Last Dab 2 years ago

    OMG just stop fucking crying about D2 – trophy was locked for how long? A week maybe? Who was about to get it, got it. Get over it.

  • Jake Marsden95 2 years ago

    Horizon was one incredible game, one of my favourite of my platinum collection!

  • Connor Seddon 2 years ago

    Only got a few of platinums on PS4, was never an idea but putting the grind in now. No doubt battlefront 2 will be next after Christmas

  • PunchedInTheEar 2 years ago

    Horizon zero dawn had my vote. Such a fun game with tons of things to do. The story is interesting and keeps you wanting more. I was surprised on how easy some of the trophies were. The time trials were a bit annoying at times but overall it wasn’t bad. Great video.

  • ISM -Jose 2 years ago

    Oh yeah.

  • Mike Pettella 2 years ago

    Yes I love the trophy awards

  • BalancedTerror9 2 years ago

    I’m already guessing Horizon Zero Dawn is number 1


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