Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Godlike Trophy / Achievement – Secrets of London Maps


For the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Godlike trophy, you need to get all Secrets of London. First go to Reuge’s Vault, which is marked on the map. From there you will be sent off to find 32* (technically 31) Music Boxes and take out the precursor discs inside of them. In your progression menu you can access Secrets of London and see a clue of its location through an in game photo. In the video above, you will see maps of each location along with some instruction. Pause the video (make it full screen on YouTube to see it better) or look at the maps below for each territory and you’ll see the camera icon indicating the location of the secret. Next to it will be a number and you can use that number to reference the photo from the Secrets of London menu. When you are within 5 meters of it, the icon will show up on your in game map. Within 15 meters, you’ll hear the music box playing. Don’t forget that you can use your Eagle Vision as well to spot them.

*Note #15 is given to you automatically at Reuge’s Vault

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Whitechapel Secrets of London

City of London Secrets of London

The Thames Secrets of London

Southwark Secrets of London

Lambeth Secrets of London

The Strand Secrets of London

Westminster Secrets of London Precursor Discs


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