All Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Place of Power Locations for White Orchard, Velen – No Man’s Land, Novigrad, Skellige Isles and Kaer Morhen

There are 25 Different Place of Power Locations. Each one will give you 1 Ability point. Drawing from the places of power will also increase one of your signs powers for 30 minutes. There are 6 in White Orchard, 6 in Velen, 2 in Novigrad, 9 in Skellige Isles and 1 in Kaer Morhen.  Two of them are only available during specific quest. One is located in tunnels underneath the castle in Kaer Trolde in Skellige Isles which you’ll need to be on the King Gambit  side quest. The other is found in another world during the Through Time and Space main quest.

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White Orchard Place of Power Locations (6 Total)

Comp 3 (0;00;38;29)

#1 Far Northeast corner of White Orchard, north of Crossroads.

Comp 3 (0;00;38;28)

#2 East of the Broken Bridge and Abandoned Village


Comp 3 (0;00;42;01)

#3 Directly South of the Broken Bridge

Comp 3 (0;00;42;01)_1

#4 North of the Sawmill

Comp 3 (0;00;42;01)_2

#5 In a cemetery North of the Mill

Comp 3 (0;00;42;01)_3

#6 Just North of the Place of Power in the Cemetery


Velen – No Man’s Land Place of Power Locations (6 Total)

Comp 3 (0;00;42;01)_4

#1 Near the Underwater cave entrance into the castle at Lomruk in the Northwest corner of Velen.


Comp 3 (0;00;29;18)

#2 Close to Dragonslayer’s Grotto up top of the tall mountain range.

Comp 3 (0;00;33;10)

#3 Near Ancient Oak out in the open

Comp 3 (0;00;35;24)

#4 This is up the mountain side that you will pass late in the main story. The doors leading to a cave that takes you up this mountain pass will be locked until you reach the appropriate quest. You can try to scale the mountain side to get to it early, but I don’t recommend it.

Comp 3 (0;00;38;06)

#5 This is in the Southern tip of Velen just south of Frischlow. The around is surrounded by wraiths so be careful

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)

#6 This is in a cave that you do during one of Keira Metz’s side quests. If you don’t come across it during the quest you can find a cave entrance directly South of it near the shore.


Novigrad Place of Power Locations (2 Total)

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_1

#1 Just North of the Vegelbud Residence on the far East area of Novigrad


Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_2

#2 This is in an area in the Northern most section of the main Novigrad city. Get to it by starting along the far left area and follow the edge around to the top until you find a door into the area with the Place of Power .


Skellige Isle’s Place of Power Locations (9 Total)

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_3

#1 This is underneath the castle near the Bridge of Kaer Trolde. As far as I’m aware, you can only access the tunnel during the King’s Gambit side quest. That’s the questline where you’re choosing a ruler. During that quest, you’ll walk right next to it after escaping the wine cellar.


Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_4

#2 This is in the underground cave system you can enter from the Ancient Crypt from the North

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_5

#3 Just South of the castle is the Crossroads marker. The Place of Power is located in the water

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_6

#4 On the East side of the main island is the Druid Camp. This will be located just outside of it.

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_7

#5 Just Northeast of the previous one is a trail around the coast. Up the trail there will be a level 30 Cyclops guarding a opening where you can enter to climb up to the Place of Power. BONUS – Grind xp here from level 25-35 really quick (VIDEO)



Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_8

#6 The final one on the main island is near the Southeast. This will be located halfway up the snowy mountain range. Follow the trail along the side and you’ll see it.

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_9

#7 Found on Spikeroog (Northwest island) near the broken down house up the trail. You can climb up to a higher ledge just left of the entrance of the house and follow the trail that leads to the PoP

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_10

#8 Found on the Northeast island called An Skellig. You’ll need to follow the Traili to Yngvar’s Fang and platform your way up to the top.


Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_11

#9 Found on Faroe, the Southeastern island. This will be up on a hillside.



Kaer Morhen Place of Power Locations (Only 1)

Comp 3 (0;00;45;14)_12

#1 This Place of Power is at the very Northern end of Kaer Morhen. It’s easiest to try to go after this when you have to go to an alter here during the story, but you can make your way back here by scaling the sides of the mountain and going through the cave systems.


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    Apparently there’s 25 places of power total. Another one is located in the second one of the “other worlds” which you have to visit during quest given by Avallac’h, if I remember correctly.


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