Monsters & Monocles — Teaser Trailer PS4

Published on December 3, 2015 by PS4Trophies

A tale of comrades, ballistics & high tea.

Monsters & Monocles is a frantic, Victorian steampunk themed twin-stick shooter all about using teamwork and heavy weaponry to battle the hordes of evil. A naive occult collector has unknowingly unleashed a great evil that is spreading across the globe, and it’s up to you and a team of quirky paranormal investigators to find the source of this dark energy and blast it back to where it came from.

Play solo, or with up to 4 players online or locally using a host of powerful weapons like the blunderbuss and crumpet cannon to aid you in battle. A single pool of lives is shared across all players, so stick together, revive fallen comrades, and watch each other’s backs to survive.

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