Cold Iron – Announcement Teaser Trailer PS VR

Published on January 2, 2018 by PS4Trophies

Awaken the power of Cold Iron, a demonic pistol possessed by a hungry spirit. Dance with the deadliest duelists in the world’s first virtual reality puzzle shooter.

● Puzzle Shooter: The most lethal challenge in VR–speed, accuracy, and cunning combine for a heart-pounding adventure.
● Action Packed: Split-second showdowns against notorious outlaws, sorcerers, and unstoppable killing machines.
● The Weird West: Forge a dark pact with Cold Iron to avenge your father’s murder.
● All The World’s A Stage: A complete narrative experience told in bite-sized VR chunks, Cold Iron is a story rich with gripping voice acting and thought-provoking characters.
● Into Another Dimension: Explore new worlds filled with lightning-fast gunfighters and long-forgotten beasts.
● The Future Is Here: Cold Iron is a new genre for a new medium. Experience it exclusively in virtual reality.

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