inFAMOUS First Light Trophy Guide & Challenges

infamous first light trophy guide roadmap



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline trophies: 25 (6, 11, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies:
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play the story on easy. Arena has no difficulty option.


1 Noble Achievement Noble Achievement 
Collect all Trophies


2 Infamous first light Lost Lost
Suffer a Loss

Story Related, can’t be missed.


3 Infamous first light Cracked Cracked
Endure a Deception

Story Related, can’t be missed.


4 Infamous first light Betrayed Betrayed
Experience a Double-cross

Story Related, can’t be missed.


5 Infamous first light She's Ready She’s Ready
Complete the story of inFAMOUS First Light

Story Related, can’t be missed.


6 Infamous first light Illuminated Illuminated 
Collect all Neon Lumens

Neon Lumens are scattered all around Seattle. They are mostly up in the air and will require you to jump off a taller building and use your hover/air dash to reach them. Use your light speed and jump before reaching the end of the building and them hover/dash to the lumen. Early in the story, these will appear on your map.


7 Infamous first light Blackout Blackout 
Destroy all Police Drones

These are side missions that you can activate by going to its location on the map. The icon is the same as the trophy image. Once you activate the mission, you will see the drone through a security camera. You will need to determine it’s location through the camera and then simply shoot it. It will be within the white circle area.

8 Infamous first light Lickety Pronto Lickety Pronto 
Complete all Lumen Races

Luman races are side missions and the trophy icon is the same icon on the Seattle map. These mission will require you to chase a white lumen. Hold down the circle button for light speed and use the purple gas clouds to give you a boost. These will require you to go through the clouds to gain enough speed to catch up to the lumen. Each one will reward you with 2 Skill Points when you catch them.

9 Infamous first light That's So Fetch That’s So Fetch 
Complete all Neon Graffiti

These are the missions in Seattle that require you to paint (using your neon) an image on the side of structure. This is similar to the painting Delsin does in Second Son.

10 Infamous first light Unleashed Unleashed 
Purchase every Upgrade

To purchase every upgrade, you will need to collect every lumen and complete every challenge. Completing challenges will award you with skill points. Hit the options button and you can tab over to upgrades to purchase upgrades. See Perfectionist for information about the challenges.

11 Infamous first light Novice Novice 
Complete 25% of all Challenges

See Perfectionist 

12 Infamous first light Professional Professional 
Complete 50% of all Challenges

See Perfectionist 

13 Infamous first light Expert Expert 
Complete 75% of all Challenges

See Perfectionist 

14 Infamous first light Perfectionist Perfectionist 
Complete all of the Challenges in the Game

The game features a long list of challenges. The challenges require you to complete a certain number of tasks, often kill x number of enemies a specific way. There are 96 challenges There are three types of challenges. Seattle, Local Arena and Global Challenges. The Seattle ones can be done during the story or after you complete the story in free roam. The Local Arena challenges can be completed in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma arenas and there are challenges in each the Rescue and Survival maps. The breakdown is as follows:


  • Don’t Shoot and Drive – Defeat 10 Drive-by Shootings
  • The Negotiator – Save 10 Hostages in Seattle
  • Not that Armored – Deafeat 10 D.U.P APC’s

Alpha Arena – Rescue

  • Alpha Rescue Bronze – Score 10k
  • Alpha Rescue Silver – Score 50k
  • Alpha Rescue Gold – Score 100k
  • Alpha Rescue Platinum – Score 250k
  • Alpha Rescue Diamond – Score 500k ( Alpha Rescue Diamond )

Alpha Arena – Survival

  • Alpha Survival Bronze – Score 10k
  • Alpha Survival Silver – Score 50k
  • Alpha Survival Gold – Score 100k
  • Alpha Survival Platinum – Score 250k
  • Alpha Survival Diamond – Score 500k (Alpha Survival Diamond )

Beta Survival – Survival

  • Beta Survival Bronze – Score 10k
  • Beta Survival Silver – Score 50k
  • Beta Survival Gold – Score 100k
  • Beta Survival Platinum – Score 250k
  • Beta Survival Diamond – Score 500k ( Beta Survival Diamond )
  • Turret Whisperer – Overload 3 Turrets
  • Turret Tickler – Overload 10 Turrets
  • Turret Syndrome – Overload 25 Turrets ( Turret Syndrome )
  • Surf’s Up – Survive 20 Waves
  • Cowabunga! – Survive 30 Waves

Beta Arena – Rescue

  • Alpha Rescue Bronze – Score 10k
  • Alpha Rescue Silver – Score 50k
  • Alpha Rescue Gold – Score 100k
  • Alpha Rescue Platinum – Score 250k
  • Alpha Rescue Diamond – Score 500k ( Beta Rescue Diamond )

Gamma Arena – Survival

  • Gamma Survival Bronze – Score 10k
  • Gamma Survival Silver – Score 50k
  • Gamma Survival Gold – Score 100k
  • Gamma Survival Platinum – Score 250k
  • Gamma Survival Diamond – Score 500k ( Gamma Survival Diamond )
  • Survivor – Survive 10 Waves
  • Gladiator – Survive 20 Waves
  • Champion – Survive 30 Waves

Rescue Arena Challenges (Can only be completed in Alpha and Beta Rescue Maps)

  • Friend of the People – 3 Hostages Saved
  • Guardian – 10 Hostages Saved
  • Good Samaritan – 20 Hostages Saved
  • Protect and Serve- 30 Hostages Saved
  • Great Responsibility – 50 Hostages Saved (Great Responsibility )
  • Crisis Averted – Save 5 Hostages without letting them lose any health
  • Overkill – Save a hostage with a Neon Singularity

Global Challenges can be done in free roam or Arena (Note: Certain enemy types aren’t available in every arena map)

Combat Actions

  • Dog Fight! – Defeat 25 airborne enemies while in the air
  • Make it Rain – Defeat 25 grounded Enemies while in the air
  • Duck Hunt – Defeat 25 jumping enemies
  • Light ‘Em Up! – Defeat 50 Enemies with a Super Bolt (Blue shard drop from the power-up drones)
  • Who Left These Here? – Defeat 50 enemies with detonated ammo dumps (shoot explosive crates to kill enemies)


  • Bullseye! – 25 Weakpoint kills
  • Sharpshooter – 50 Weakpoint kills
  • Truesniper – 100 Weakpoint kills
  • The Professional – 250 Weakpoint kills
  • Triple Takedown – Hit 3 weakpoints before the focus timer expires
  • Sting Like a Bee – Hit 5 weakpoints before the focus timer expires
  • Checkmate – Defeat a Bishop by hitting its weakpoint
  • I Know Your Secret- 10 Summoner weakpoint kills (flying enemies with 2 balls floating around him. Shoot these balls for weakpoint kill)
  • Turncoat – Defeat 10 enemies using enslaved enemies (requires Enslave skill)
  • Minion Maker – Defeat 20 enemies using enslaved enemies


  • Death From Above – 25 comet drop kills
  • Puncherod – 100 melee kills
  • Sucker Punch(es) – 10 consecutive melee kills
  • KD Queen – 20 consecutive melee kills
  • Hulked Out – Defeat 50 enemies with a melee finisher

Neon Singularity

  • Event Horizon – Defeat 100 enemies with a neon singularity (Event Horizon )
  • Godlike – Defeat 20 enemies with a single neon singularity

Stasis Blast

  • A Strong Gust – Blast 3 enemies off a platform (use Stasis Blast)
  • Target Practice – 3 Stasis + Weakpoint Kills
  • Accidents Happen – Blast 15 enemies off a platform
  • Fetchouken! – Blast 30 enemies off a platform
  • Fish in a Barrel – 25 Stasis + weakpoint kills (Fish in a Barrel )
  • Pull! Defeat 5 Enemies with an Airborne Ammo Dump (Use Stasis on Ammo Dump to make it airborne, then shoot with enemies around)
  • Ultraaa! – 10 stasis + melee finisher kills

Homing Missile

  • Making an Impact – Defeat 3 enemies with 1 missile salvo
  • Boomshakalaka! – Defeat 5 enemies with 1 missile salvo
  • Bada Bing… Defeat 10 enemies in a row with homing missiles
  • …Bada Boom! – Defeat 2o enemies in a row with homing missiles (…Bada Boom! )

Criminal Enemy

  • Rat-A-Tat-Tat – Defeat 150 Thugs

D.U.P Enemy

  • Lights Out – Defeat 500 D.U.P enemies
  • Expendable  – Defeat 150 D.U.P pawns
  • Night, Knight – Defeat 150 D.U.P Knights
  • Rookie Move – Defeat 25 D.U.P Rocks
  • Shield Breaker – Defeat 25 D.U.P Bishops
  • Super Defense Farce – Defeat 50 D.U.P Super Pawns
  • Brute Squad – Defeat 25 D.U.P Super Rooks

Nightmare Enemy 

  • The First Nightmare – Defeat 20 Demon Enemies
  • You Need Therapy – Defeat 250 Demon Enemies
  • Unholy – Defeat 50 Fallen Angels
  • Exorcist – Defeat 50 Night Terrors
  • De-Summoner – Defeat 25 Summoner Enemies
  • That’s Wraithist – Defeat 50 Wraith Enemies
  • Arachnophobia – Defeat 100 Swarmer Enemies

Global Score

  • Millionaire – Earn a total of 1,000,000 Points
  • Top of the Class – Earn a total of 10,000,000 Points (Combined score from all arena plays) (Top of the Class) 


15 Infamous first light  Alpha Rescue Diamond Alpha Rescue Diamond 
Achieve a score of 500,000 points

Before doing this or any of the arena trophies, I highly recommend you get all the lumen and complete all the challenges in free roam Seattle first. Once you have got all the skill points possible in free roam, get as many skill points as possible in the arena maps. Each map has a number of specific challenges you can complete to earn skill points. You will also in the process earn many of the global challenges as well. Once you have many upgrades (all of them are not necessary), then you can try to get the arena related trophies. I highly recommend maxing out the Homing Missile and Light Speed trees before the others.

Rescue mode requires you to save hostages. When one appears on the map, quickly go to them and kill the surrounding enemies and then rescue the hostage by touching him. If you let a 5 hostages die or you yourself die, you will have to start over. To reach 500,000 points, you want to build up your multiplier. You do that by killing enemies. the multiplier will go down if you either let a hostage die, or if you haven’t hit an enemy after a short period of time. To keep the multiplier up, you only need to hit an enemy. Killing them isn’t necessary. Since you will have to make it to later rounds where it gets a bit crazy, make good use of your speed and keep moving. Ideally around the outside of the arena and make good use of your homing missiles. You’ll need to refill your homing missile ammo regularly by draining neon. Don’t forget about your singularity blast as well when you get in trouble.

For some of the tougher enemies, shooting them with a stasis blast will make them vulnerable to a easy neon bolt kill and if you have the melee tree fully upgraded, a melee finisher will also destroy any nearby enemies.


16 Infamous first light Alpha Survival Diamond Alpha Survival Diamond 
Achieve a score of 500,000 points

Survival mode just requires you to survive as many waves as possible. The Alpha arean doesn’t have any challenges tied to completing a certain number of rounds, so your only goal is to score 500,000 points. Occasionally there will be power up drones that will appear on the map. You’ll see these as larger white circles on the mini map. When you shoot one, one of four different power up blast shards will fall from the drone. Each of the power ups will give you a temporary buff. They are

  1. Green – Unlimited Melee Finishers
  2. Purple – Invulnerability
  3. Blue – Super Shot (upgrades neon bolts using your regular attack. They are stronger)
  4. Yellow – Multiplier increase

Getting the yellow bonus will of course help you achieve a higher score but most importantly will be you maintaining your own multiplier by hitting enemies continually. To help survive into later rounds, make good use of your homing missiles as these can take out enemies from across the map without much aiming required on your part. They are strong and deadly. Move around the outside of the map firing off the homing missiles and recharging your supply by draining neon often. Remember that neon are maked with purple dots on the mini map. If you are low on health, draining neon will heal you.


17 Infamous first light Beta Rescue Diamond Beta Rescue Diamond 
Achieve a score of 500,000 points

This is the same as the Alpha Rescue Diamond trophy. Use the same strategy. The only thing that will change is the map. This Beta arena is far more open and you can take damage from enemies that are much further away due to the fact that there are less structures blocking their aim. As with all arenas, staying on the move with your Light Speed will ensure your survival.


18 Infamous first light Beta Survival Diamond Beta Survival Diamond 
Achieve a score of 500,000 points

Scoring 500,000 points for this trophy should not be your main focus if you want the platinum in this game. Top of the Class requires you to complete all challenges and one of the challenges tied specifically to this map is to survive 30 waves of enemies. It will be nearly impossible, if not completely impossible, to survive 30 waves without scoring at least half a million points. Again, you’re going to use the same strategy you used for the Alpha Survival Diamond Trophy. Keep moving with your light speed, and move between drain locations and spam your homing missiles.

There is one additional challenge on this map. These are the turrets. The good news is that you can run up behind them and overload them. This will make the turret fight for you. The bad news is that you don’t want to be standing in the line of fire of one. As soon as you see one of these pop up on the map, try your best to overload it quickly. If you can’t get to it, destroying it is a valid option.  Keep moving, watch out for turrets and spam the homing missiles and you should be able to complete the challenge for reaching wave 30 as well as getting over 500,000 points.


19 Infamous first light Gamma Survival Diamond Gamma Survival Diamond 
Achieve a score of 500,000 points

Use the exact same strategy as you used for the previous two survival maps. This map is going to get crazy and will fill up with enemies quite quickly and there will be many enemies that will spawn on platforms up above you. You will also get more demon enemies as well. Making timely uses of y our singularity will go a long way in this map.


20 Infamous first light Turret Syndrome Turret Syndrome 
Overload 25 Turrets

The turrets can be found in the Survival Beta map quite often. To overload a turret, just run up behind them and hit your touchpad. Once you have done this 25 times, you will complete a challenge as well as earn this trophy.

21 Infamous first light Great Responsibility Great Responsibility 
50 Hostage Saves

You will save more than enough hostages in the rescue in the Alpha and Beta arenas. Just keep playing those two modes and you will get the trophy. To save them, kill the surrounding enemies and then touch the hostage to save them.

22 Infamous first light Top of the Class Top of the Class 
Earn a total of 10,000,000 points

This is a combined score from every arena match you play. Just keep replaying them and you will eventually get this and most likely while working on all the challenges and arena Diamond trophies.

23 Infamous first light Event Horizon Event Horizon 
Defeat 100 Enemies with a Neon Singularity

You will either get this while playing the main story or during your arena matches.  This will be hard to miss unless you choose to never use Singularity. Singularity can only be performed once you have filled up the meter circle on the top left of your screen. Fill it by killing enemies. Once filled, activate singularity by hitting down on the D-Pad

24 Infamous first light ...Bada Boom! …Bada Boom! 
Defeat 20 Enemies in a row with Homing Missiles

You can get this during the main story, but it’ll be much easier (and quicker) to do this in Arena. When you first acquire your homing missile ability, you can only carry 2 missiles. Skills applied to the homing missile tree will increase this to 4. Once you have used your supply of missiles, you will need to drain neon to refill it. Just kill 20 enemies in a row before killing them in any other method for this trophy.

25 Infamous first light Fish in a Barrel Fish in a Barrel 
25 Stasis + Weakpoint Kills

Stasis is performed by shooting or holding and releasing L1. This will put the enemies in a floating bubble. While in the bubble you will need to shot them in a weak spot by using Laser Focus. Hold L2 to activate the focus and you will see the weakpoints on the enemy. Kill them by hitting their weakpoint while they are in a stasis bubble 25 times to earn this trophy. Once again, you can do this in the story or in the Arena.







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    That makes no sense, I’ve done most trophies fast but why so many gold. They are game that requrire triple the amount of time and have 1 gold trophy. It seems PS4 exclusive get more gold trophies than any other. This one wasn’t fun at all, I enjoyed second son but that was boring.

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    because of how you few trophies. trophies still have a score attached
    to them like x box we don’t see them bot colors. if they have less trophies there will be more gold more trophies equals more bronze.

  • evilfangs . 7 years ago

    Does anyone know what you have to do for these two challenges.

    Pull – Defeat 5 enemies with an airboune ammo dump. ( I’ve killed loads of people with an explosive box with that super move, I don’t know what to do. )

    I know your secret – 10 summoner weak point kills. ( Which ones are the summoners? )

    • IyaDor 7 years ago

      Pull = While you’re in the air shoot the explosive ammo dump.
      I know your secret = The flying monsters that carries 2 round objects spinning around him focus and shoot those things.

      • evilfangs . 7 years ago

        I got it a few hours after posting, but thanks anyway.

  • GTAV IS IT HERE YET? 7 years ago

    What do you have to do to get the GODLIKE challenge. I can’t get 20 or more enemies close enough to use a SINGULARITY attack on all of them at the same time.

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