Batman Arkham Knight Map (Side Quests) Heir to the Cowl, The Perfect Crime, Campaign for Disarmament, The Line of Duty, Occupy Gotham & Own the Roads

Batman Arkham Knight Map for the following side quests

Light Blue – Heir to the Cowl (Burning Bat Symbols) PS4 Bronze Trophy Angel in the Dark
Pink – 
The Perfect Crime (Mutilated Bodies) PS4 Bronze Trophy The Monster Machine
Blue – Campaign for Disarmament (Explosive Bombs) PS4 Bronze Trophy Gotham Underground
Red – The Line of Duty (Fire Crew) PS4 Bronze Trophy Death of Innocents
Green – Occupy Gotham (Watchtowers) PS4 Bronze Trophy Gates of Gotham
Orange – Own the Roads (Checkpoints) PS4 Bronze Trophy Streets of Gotham

Batman Arkham Knight Map

Not included are the Fire Locations for the Gotham on Fire quest and Creature of the Night quest locations. For the fire locations, just fly above the city and you’ll see black smoke from a mile away. Creature of the Night flys around large areas but is easily spotted when flying above Gotham with detective mode on. You’ll see the blue bat creature pretty easily.

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