Dying Light Collectible Guide – All Notes, Battle Journals & Voice Recordings for It’s All in the Writing trophy

There are 67 Collectibles to find for the It’s all in the Writing trophy. Statues and Flags do not count towards this trophy. Click each map to enlarge it and watch the video for the exact location for all the notes, battle journals and voice recordings.  Many collectibles, especially notes, are not available until after completing story and side quests.


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Dying Light Slums Collectible Map Battle Journals and Notes


Old Town

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Old Town Collectible Map Battle Journals Notes and Voice Recorders





  • Beta86 5 years ago

    Thanks, Brian!

  • Aiden 5 years ago

    not sure if you’ve noticed but you have the videos both for old town and none for the slums

  • Rasmus 4 years ago

    Hey Brian

    So i finish all missions and side missions and wanna go for my last trophy: is all in the writing.

    I have 39/67 after finish the game 100%, but now i Can see that some collectables i Can only get from some side missions?

    Then do i have to start all over to do this 🙁

    Please help one of your trophy troppers.


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