Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus – Mein Leben Difficulty Speedrun – Full Unedited Run (2h28m)

Published on January 3, 2018 by PS4Trophies

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus Mein Leben difficulty full speedrun. From the wheel chair until the final axe, run time is 2 hours, 27 minutes 40 seconds. Mein Leben Difficulty completion unlocks the Mein Leben Trophy. This is the hardest game difficulty
with zero checkpoints or saves. If you die, it’s back to the beginning and 9 minutes of cutscenes for you.

►Special thanks to Recluse for recording this run. Visit Recluse’s YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPa99XyZxDB_75N1ZO1Xeqw to view original videos. Videos used with permission by Recluse

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9:15 – Evas Hammer
20:41 – Ausmerzer (Ladder Shortcut at 21:00)
27:16 – Section F (Skip Glitch 29:40)
32:37 – Manhattan Harbor
34:22 – Manhattan Subway
36:26 – Manhattan Ruins
39:48 – Penthouse
42:33 – Section F (Skip Entire Level Glitch 43:23)
47:18 – Roswell
55:06 – Roswell Oberkommando (Elevator Shortcut at 55:26)
1:01:07 – Mesquite
1:10:30 – Courthouse
1:22:56 – Nuclear Bunker
1:33:37 – New Orleans Part 1 (Battle Walker Shortcut 1:39:07)
1:42:21 – New Orleans Part 2 (Battle Walker Shortcut 1:44:07)
1:46:47 – New Orleans Part 3
1:56:16 – Venus Part 1
1:59:31 – Venus Part 2 (Shortcut at 2:02:42)
2:12:47 – Acquiring Ram Shackles (plus upgrade)
2:17:29 – Ausmerzer
2:32:04 – Ausmerzer Final Fight on top of ship

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

The New Colossus (Platinum)
Obtain all trophies.

Déjà Vu (Bronze)
Make the choice

Starting a Collection (Bronze)
Find at least one of each collectible item

Toy Collector (Bronze)
Find all of Max’s toys

Audiophile (Bronze)
Find all records

Golden Boy (Bronze)
Find all gold

Terror-Billy (Bronze)
Collect all Übercommander death cards

Meet the Cast (Bronze)
Find all starcards

Art Aficionado (Bronze)
Found all concept art

Tinkerer (Bronze)
Upgrade a weapon

Specialist (Silver)
Fully upgrade a weapon

Gun Nut (Silver)
Fully upgrade all weapons

Revolution (Silver)
Beat the game

Bring ’em on! (Bronze)
Beat the game on “Bring ’em on!” difficulty or higher

Do or die! (Bronze)
Beat the game on “Do or die!” difficulty or higher

Call me Terror-Billy! (Bronze)
Beat the game on “Call me Terror-Billy!” difficulty or higher

I am death incarnate! (Bronze)
Beat the game on “I am death incarnate!” difficulty or higher

Mein leben (Bronze)
Beat the game on “Mein leben” difficulty

Max a Perk (Silver)
Max a perk

Max all perks (Gold)
Max all Perks

Bull Rush (Bronze)
Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat

Snakebite (Bronze)
Perform a Constrictor Harness takedown

The Sky is the Limit (Bronze)
Perform a Battle Walker takedown

They did Nazi that Coming (Bronze)
Stealth kill 10 enemies in a row

Hard Headed (Silver)
Collect 1000 helmets

Coming Back for More (Bronze)
Visit every District

Across the Board (Gold)
Complete the Killboard

Complete Package (Silver)
Acquire all Contraptions and Contraption upgrades

Plus Package (Bronze)
Upgrade a Contraption

Make a Point (Silver)
Achieve the highest score in the Shooting Range

First Loser (Silver)
Achieve the second best time in the Killhouse

Crippled but Able (Bronze)
Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair

Hail Mary (Bronze)
Throw a hatchet and kill an enemy from 30m

Sightseeing (Bronze)
Visit a District

Puzzler (Bronze)
Decipher an Übercommander’s location using the Enigma Machine

Retro (Bronze)
Play Wolfstone 3D

Ghost (Silver)
Finish a District without triggering an alarm

Sidetracked (Silver)
Complete all side missions

Secret Trophies

Carrying the Torch (Bronze)
Use the power armor

Enemy Within (Bronze)
Stop the Nazi signal from Section F

Amazing Grace (Bronze)
Recruit Grace’s group

It’s Fricking Space Aliens! (Bronze)
Find Area 52

R.I.P. (Bronze)
Kill dad

All the Gains! (Bronze)
Get a new body

Sermons and Moonshine (Bronze)
Recruit Horton’s group

Venus (Bronze)
Travel to outer space

The Ausmerzer (Bronze)
Capture the Ausmerzer

Kick It (Bronze)
Kill Hitler during the Aerostat Audition

I’m Machine Enough (Bronze)
Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on “Bring ’em On!” difficulty or higher

Taste of Your own Medicine (Bronze)
Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr

Keep Playing (Bronze)
Wait for the game to resume after the credits

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