Shadow of the Tomb Raider – All Challenge Tombs – Full Walkthrough w/ Locations and Puzzle Solutions

Published on September 14, 2018 by PS4Trophies

Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough of all challenge tombs. There are 9 challenge tombs that must be completed to earn the Tomb Raider trophy. Each tomb unlocks a new skill available for purchase. Timeline:

0:03 Underworld Gate (Peruvian Jungle)
5:48 Judge’s Gaze (Peruvian Jungle)
10:48 Howling Caves (Kuwaq Yaku)
18:16 Path of Battle (The Hidden City)
23:52 Ancient Aqueduct (The Hidden City)
35:25 Temple of the Sun (The Hidden City)
43:41 San Cordoba (Cenote)
53:01 Thirsty Gods (Mission of San Juan)
1:00:59 Tree of Life (Mission of San Juan)

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