Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Easiest Way to Defeat Emma & Isshin Ashina – Final Shura Ending Bosses

Published on March 26, 2019 by PS4Trophies

You will need to do a boss battle against Emma, the Gentle Blade and then Isshin Ashina if you choose to betray Kuro and forsake him. This is a crossroad point in the story. Choosing one or the other will lock you out of the other. Upload a backup save to a USB device or to the cloud before choosing (Disable auto upload for Sekiro until you complete this). Once you complete this you can download your save and take the other path to reduce the need to start a new playthrough. The Shura Path is the bad ending and you will miss out on late game areas.

Emma, the Gentle Blade is your first opponent. She has a single health bar but her blade is anything but gentle. You need to deflect her sword attacks. She does one combo with the sword you should be aware of. She’ll back away before initiating it. This is a 3 hit attack followed by a 4th attack after a brief pause. Practice counting the swings as they come in for easy deflections. She has two unblockable attacks. A grab which you will need to run away from and a thrust which you can counter with Mikiri. She’ll also start charging up for a AOE attack. When you see her holding a very small white ball, you can prevent the attack by just hitting her. If she unleashes this, you’ll need to avoid the area. It can be blocked but you’ll stick take a little damage. If all else fails, you can try to stay back and spam the shadowrush combat art.

Next up is Isshin Ashina. This is a very tough fight. He doesn’t give you many opportunities to damage his health and you can’t break his posture until it’s at least half way gone. He tries to bait you into attacking him. If you do while he’s in a neutral stance, there’s a good chance he’ll side step and counter so be prepared. He also has the same white AOE attack. If you can dodge that to the left or the right he will be open to a couple hits. You can also dodge or deflect the attack when he raises his sword up above his head and doing so will leave him open to a couple more attacks. And of course you counter his thrust giving you another attack opportunity. This is about patience more than anything. He also has the same grab and thrust unblockable attacks Emma has. Once his health is lowered, you can break his posture by just deflecting all his sword attacks. I recommend using the Shadowrush combat art ability from the Shinobi tree. It’s the final skill. This is an unblockable attack that will always take health away from him. As long as you can avoid all his attacks, you can spam this to remove all his health. It’s kinda of a cheese tactic.

Phase 2 of the Isshin Ashina fight is much like the first one with one massive exception. He now has fire attacks. He has three variations. One is a wall of fire in front of him that extends about 5 meters. Another is a cone that fires out a great distance. The final one is a area wide attack that covers the entire surface leaving pockets of openings throughout. For the first two, you will see him lift his knee up. At this point, immediately prepare to avoid the fire. I try circling around behind him. Not to close as you may get hit by the back swing of a sword. The large one that encompasses the entire area is more tricky. You will see him crouch lower to the ground indicating he’s about to do it. Immediately run as far from him as you can and prepare for him to charge towards you. You can block his charge and jump away to avoid his white AOE attack. You can also just start circling around him as he gets closer. These attacks can be interrupted with some combat arts like the Double Ichimonji if you’re close and quick enough. If you start burning, use Dousing Powder ASAP. Other than that, take him down the same as you did in the first phase

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