Resident Evil 7 Mysteries Solved – Dirty Coin, For Use in Main Game (Murders, Notebooks & Giggles)

Published on December 4, 2016 by PS4Trophies

Resident Evil VII demo Secrets Revealed – EARN A COIN IN THE MAIN GAME January 24th! Resident Evil 7 Teaser’s Beginning Hour final midnight update features new secrets. Find the murder locations and hear all the giggles and you will be rewarded with a Dirty Coin that will transfer to the main Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game. In this video you will find the Fuse, VHS tape, the attic window key, basement key, hand, dummy finger, axe, bolt cutter, valve and all 6 giggle locations along with the 5 murder scene locations which will give you the Dirty Coin which is transferable to the main game..

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

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  • killing man576 12 months ago

    nice job as always Brian:)

  • c1nderh3lm Gaming 12 months ago

    This seems pretty tedious for a coin

  • Matt A 12 months ago

    What does the coin even do?

  • Jordan Myles Evans 12 months ago

    Does it give you a trophy? If not fuck it

  • Should I Buy Games 12 months ago

    Can you become a streamer? I feel like me, as well as others would watch
    you all the time!

  • ryuuotaku35 12 months ago

    What about the monster? Won’t it come out if you enter the room again? or
    only when you see it the first time? does it disappears? please be so.


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