Planet RIX-13 Full Game 100% Platinum Walkthrough – First Easy Platinum of 2019

Published on January 4, 2019 by PS4Trophies

Release Date 1/16
Crash Site
– Go towards your ship to die from radiation.
TROPHY “Cause of Death: Radiation”.

– Enter Building, Enter living room, pick up compute card. Use safe (3716) and take yellow card
– Exit then Enter medical point, use medical capsule, use capsule
– Exit to Corridor and remove blockage at the pile of stones
– Enter server room (4th door), pick up compute card.
– Use both cards on ‘server #1’ as replacements in slot 1 and 3.
– Leave and enter Enter workshop (3rd door), examine ‘scheme of power grid’ just to the right
– Use the computer to locate the supply drop point and download matrix for screen. Use all 3 options

– Don’t enter door and Examine and open ‘metal box’, pick up antiradiation filter.

The Place of Supplies Drop
– Pick up power supply in front of fallen box and wood mushrooms at screen end

– Enter Door then replace power supply on the far right
– Use computer to reach 100% energy level – First core move to 77%, second one two clicks to right, third five clicks

Place of Crash
– Examine ‘wreckage’, pick up navigation block.

– Enter workshop, use the 3d printer to print computer screen.
TROPHY “Wonders of Technology”.
– Exit to corridor and Enter living room (1st door), examine ‘broken computer’ to right and replace the screen.
– Use same computer and Decipher the runes #6 then locate the laboratories

– Enter living room and examine ‘pile of garbage’ to the right and drink the poison.
TROPHY “Cause of Death: Suicide”.
– Use the computer, select password and radar station
– Exit to coordinator and enter lab, go to safe and enter (2409) and grab crystal
TROPHY “Archaeologist”
– Let purple water drown you
TROPHY “Cause of Death: Drowning”
– use the computer, look at all 3 selections
– Reopen safe again (2409) and grab crystal.
– Exit to Corridor, renter lab and exit again then change clock to 12:31 and then grab compute card to its right

Cave System
– Grab Yellow Berries at the far left
– Enter Cave and walk to your death
TROPHY “Cause of Death: Suffocation”

– Use repeater & enter code (1278)

Radar Station
– Go left and pick the Red Berries
– Enter Radar Station
– Use the computer, look at all 4 options
– Grab compute card

– Enter workshop and use the 3d printer to produce oxygen filter AND door lock

Cave System
– Pick up yellow berries if you haven’t already and then enter Cave
– Stand still on in front of left altar. Get clean air and repeat on right one
– Grab mushroom to the right before entering door
– Enter door and walk right to Pick up crystal, walk left and back right again
– Continue right and search the corpse to get blue access card.
– Solve the lever puzzle to exit the cave. 2-3-1-1-2-3

– Replace the door lock.
– Enter storage door, pick up rope, examine garbage to get piece of paper and then explosives to the right
– Exit back to corridor and use yellow access card then pick up compute card and exit

– Enter server room and replace all 3 compute cards
TROPHY “Two Is Better Than One”

– Enter lab, use the computer to look at all 3 files

Cargo Ship
– Examine Ship and replace the navigation unit.
– Examine Ship and Fly Away
TROPHIES “Cause of Death: Explosion” and “It Was Worth a Try”.
– Examine ‘repeater’ to type in the frequency (1278).
TROPHY “There Is a Signal!”.

Radar Station
– Use the computer and select Radar Station to locate the well and the idol. The idol is along the far right in the middle and
the well towards the bottom left corner
TROPHY “Explorer”.

– Pick up flower just in front of you.
– Use the rope to drop into the well.
– Let one of the green drops kill you.
TROPHY “Cause of Death: Acid”.
– Pick up crystal left of the acid drops then escape

– Utilize the lab equipment to the far left and mix all five plants.
TROPHY “Alchemist”.
– Clean and start again. This time, select Wood Mushrooms, Flour and Red Berries. Mix those 3 to get potion
– Utilize the lab equipment to brew the potion (check the well symbols and flora descriptions).

– Pour the potion on the idol to get crystal.
– immediately start walking back towards exit
TROPHY “Cause of Death: Killed by a Monster”.
– Pour the potion a second time
– Take it slower to make it back to the exit safely. If you die again, repour the potion and try again

– Enter lab, 2nd inside door, and walk right to through corridor door and use blue card reader to take elevator
– Place all four crystals you’ve found up to this point on top of the altars to open the door.
– Walk right towards the Thing and install explosives.
– Leave Room
TROPHY “Let It Burn!”

IMPORTANT – quit to main menu then select continue

– Walk right towards the Thing and select Touch and then Leave
– Leave the area and go to Radar Station and install explosives on scientific equipment to the left
– Leave room
TROPHY “Peaceful Outcome”

Cargo Ship
– Replace Navigation Unit on the Ship
– Fly Away
TROPHY “You Managed to Survive!”

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