Mr. Massagy – A not so “Innocent” Dating Game – 3 Star Guide & 15 Minute Full Trophy Walkthrough

Published on April 5, 2017 by PS4Trophies

1 Hi Tuto, my name is Johnny
2 Thanks, but ladies first. Tell me something about you.
3 Psh, of course! I Love Samba!
4 (Wink)
5 The internet
6 How about we search for your wildest dreams, baby doll!
7 A big, fat onion
8 Just kidding! Ha ha, now I know you’re interested in me!
9 I have more where that came from!
10 Truth!
11 I like to pretend I am a cat and stare at people through the window
12 Truth or dare?
13 Do you like massages?


2 Sorry, this is the first time I see such a cute werewolf
3 Really? What has been your worst date so far?
4 (Make a duck sound)


2 Sorry, this is the first time I see such a cute werewolf
3 Really? What has been your worst date so far?
4 Oh, I’d never blow it like that. I have no ducks left to give.
5 Interesting. So do you live around here too?
6 WHAT! A cave?! Hey babe, if it’s cool with you, it’s cool with me


1 Wait WHAT! JACKPOT! Let’s do this babe! (Ends with instant 2 star) (REPEAT 5 TIMES)


1 Wait WHAT? Sure! Let me get my condoms! (Ends with instant 1 star) (REPEAT 20 times)


1 Uhh… hey… Where are we?
2 It’s kind of dark…
3 Oh, no, no! I meant it is, uh…very futuristic?
4 Y’know, this IS a lovely night. I feel cozy in here
5 Wait what? Why would you need my jeans?
6 I gues it IS kinda silly if you put it that way
7 To sex on a February 29th
8 I uh… Why do you want to have kids so badly?
9 No, no! Your beauty is.. out of this world…
10 But… Babies… Why tho?
11 Dang, I’m moved. Let me help you out.


tap jar repeatedly
1 Fuck
2 Anything will do, I am unusually thristy
3 Sure I will, I’m a great listener
4 What’s wrong with your dad? You seem like a… tasteful person
5 Like that famous-classical-composer? Wolfgang Amadeus Mustart?
6 (Smile and let out a silent fart)
7 It reminds me… I was bullied for being skinny…
8 Wow, a mime?! That’s awesome!
9 And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lid, a thousand times…
10 Hello?
11 I can see in your smile
12 You’re all I’ve ever wanted! And my pecs are open wide
13 I love you

1 Uh…
2 So, you come like… from a farm?
3 Well, what do you do best?
4 Judging by your cute face, your talent might be driving men crazy!
5 You know what? I want to take you out on a picnic! You are lovely!
6 Right! Sorry for changing the topic: what do yo uhave in mind for a job?
7 Well… You certainly have the body to model!


1 Hi! I see you’re…glowing
2 Never judge anyone based on their looks I always say!
3 Oh! *snort* I know what you mean!
4 How can you touch stuff?
5 Can ghosts strip? I’m asking for a friend
6 Sorry, I just really wanna get to know you!
7 Let’s just stay and chat until the sun goes down
8 Go ooooooon?
9 If I do and die, I’ll look for you, sugarplasm



1 Hello
2 Nice place you have there
3 Hey, is that a famous Nelson Academy Award for movies and stuff?
4 How did you end up driving trucks?
5 So what’s up with the truck?
6 Well, I wanna explore your East Coast
7 I don’t have money… But I have organic gasoline to go all night



1 Hey, I’m Johnny. The guy you matched in Linger?
2 How about I get you a mojito? It’s on me
3 Unprotected sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll
4 The sticky missionary
5 It depends on the temperature
6 Save it in the bank, with the rest of my fortune
7 HA! What are you, a cop?
8 I am the employee of the month, every month!
9 That happens when you sell hot dogs at the beach, babe


1 To lose my virginity
2 That’s because we are not dancing
3 I play videogames
4 How big do you want me to be?
5 I dunno, what would you do?
6 Can I see it??
7 Gee whiz! My mom would never let me spend $500 dollah on a tattoo!
8 My mom taught me how to save a fortune
9 Well… Don’t mean to brag, but I’m a world champion dancer



1 Sometimes I feel you are the only one that understands me, Papu-Aiye
6 Hi Papu-Aiye, my name is Johnny! Nice to meet you!
9 Oh Papu-Chan, you’re so funny!
10 OMG I do crossfit too!
12 Oh geeez, okay don’t take it! Next time I will buy wine and caviar then!
19 Oh I’m not worried about you meeting people in your field
20 I want more, I can’t be happy with ONLY what I have now!


2 I guess by this point things like this can’t surprise me
3 (Tell her th eultimate knock-knock joke)
4 Knock-knock
5 :^)
6 Mikey
7 Mikey doesn’t fit in the keyhole. Open up and I’ll kiss you
8 Dating is an ART! I am Mr. Massagy!
9 But… but I lo0o0ove my massagys!
10 Hey babe-o-rama, how about you tell me all about yourself! *wink*
11 Woah mama! You are life-long wife material, baby girl!
12 100% life-partner-material, dollface!
13 Hmmm…
14 I… I… don’t remember…
15 I’m as cool as a cucumber
16 Maybe… that person just… wanted to forget the past?
17 Whoa nelly! You’re right. I can’t forget my origins and stuff
18 Well… here it goes…
19 When I was a kid, I was at the beach with my dad
20 And suddenly, a voice called me over
21 I turned around, and there it was…
22 Charlie’s Super Dogs!
23 The hot dog guy was so charming! All the girls went crazy for him!
24 So I had a new hero and a new goal
25 I wanted to be that cool hot dog seller and get the girls
26 So I had to drop from college and stop being a geek
27 Uhh… See anything unusual?
28 Whoa… let’s take it easy, ok?
29 Do I at least get a massage afterwards? My lower back hurts

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

I am the glorious Mr. Massagy! (Platinum)
Unlock all the trophies!

Nope! (Bronze)
Reject a date on Linger!

Moooom! Somebody likes me! (Gold)
Match a date on Linger

Proud of your job! (Silver)
Discover Johnny’s true job in Sarah’s date.

Average Joe (Bronze)
Finish with a two-star date 5 times with any character.

Smooth Criminal (Gold)
Get three stars with all dates!

Expert Datemeister (Bronze)
Date all dates!

You beat the Tuto-Rial! (Silver)
Get three stars with Rial

Awoo! (Silver)
Get three stars with Nicole

Mother trucker! (Silver)
Get three stars with Martha

Sugar daddy time! (Silver)
Get three stars with Sarah

Watch the cholesterol (Silver)
Get three stars with Mayo

Don’t put your massage in crazy, man (Silver)
Get three stars with Janein

Moooossagy! (Silver)
Get three stars with Dorothy

I hope that’s ectoplasm (Silver)
Get three stars with Anne

Real people are overrated (Silver)
Get three stars with Papu-Aiye

Tutorial with a happy ending (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Rial

Careful with the claws (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Nicole

Gotta love these app features (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Martha

That’s… a lot of toys (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Sarah

Slippery everywhere (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Mayo

It hurts so gooood… (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Janein

What a dairy experience (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Dorothy

Who you gonna massage? (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Anne

How does this even work? (Bronze)
Get a massagy with Papu-Aiye

You win some, you lose some! (Bronze)
Fail 5 dates.

Yo, where’s your mojo? (Bronze)
Fail 10 dates.

You’ll be alone forever… (Gold)
Fail 20 dates.

Duck killed! (Silver)
Get killed by Nicole

You blew it! (Bronze)
Fail any date

It’s something… (Silver)
Get two stars in any date.

Poking around (Bronze)
Tap the Mayonnaise

Hackerbruh! (Gold)
Get three stars with S.O.N.I.A

Bytes all over you! (Gold)
Get a massagy with S.O.N.I.A

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