Midnight Deluxe – Full Platinum Trophy Livestream

Published on March 7, 2018 by PS4Trophies

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Platinum Midnight (Platinum)
Unlock all the trophies.

Go into the light (Silver)
Complete level 1.

Not overworking (Gold)
Get 3 stars in one level.

Making friends (Silver)
Bump into one of Midnight’s friends.

Not squared anymore (Gold)
Die by a saw.

Went to explore (Gold)
Die by getting out of a level.

Stabbed (Gold)
Die by a spike.

Stunned (Gold)
Die by a laser.

Starter (Gold)
Complete 5 levels.

Improving (Gold)
Complete 10 levels.

Professional (Gold)
Complete 20 levels.

Expert (Gold)
Complete 40 levels.

Engineer (Gold)
Pull a lever.

You made it (Gold)
Complete level 4 making Midnight’s friend smile.

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