Her Majesty’s SPIFFING Walkthrough – Easiest Platinum – Platinum Trophy In a Single Playthrough

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🏆 1 Hour Platinum!! – Her Majesty’s Spiffing: The Empire Staggers Back 100% Platinum trophy walkthrough. All steps to earn all the trophies and Platinum in less than an hour. Text walkthrough down below

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Talk to Jones

(2:24) Examine Jones over and over before exiting chair (🏆TROPHY – Every Breath You Take)

(3:06) Exit Chair (🏆TROPHY – One Small Step)

Interact with tray table

take safety instruction out of the chair

(3:10) examine safety card, turn it around and interact with clip (🏆TROPHY – Don’t Show me this tip again)

Exit room,

(3:46) Examine Gravity Simulation Switch then head towards screen and enter sitting room door (🏆TROPHY – The Gravity Simulation Switch)

Equip paperclip and interact with drive and grab floppy disk. Examine disk, turn it around and notice you can lock it. That’ll come into play later

Grab controller in front of TV

Go through next door into kitchen

(5:11) Talk to GER-TEA several times (🏆TROPHY – Bring me my detonators)

Grab Aled Jone’s mug

Grab English’s mug

Equip Jone’s mug and interact with tea machine

Equip English’s mug and interact with tea machine

(7:00) Grab Green soap bottle and then combine with your tea. (🏆TROPHY – Inconceivable)

Grab cheese inside fridge

Go back to cockpit and sit in chair


(8:34) Equip your tea and give to Jones (🏆TROPHY – Sharing is caring)


(9:35) During flight, crash into ejected fuel cell. Use lever to speed up into fuel cell. (🏆TROPHY – Call Autoglass)

Enter Bedroom from Sitting Room

Interact with left locker and pick up batteries

Combine batteries with controller

(12:35) Crush table top football player (🏆TROPHY – Leg Breaker)

Grab rubber glove from sink

Go to pilot seat and equip controller and give to Jones

Go to sitting room and equip disk and put it in. Use Computer

(15:05) Grab disk, examine it, turn it around and Lock it (🏆TROPHY – One can never be too careful)

Sit in cockpit seat

(15:55) Equip and use your coffee on jones (🏆TROPHY – I can’t believe you’ve done this!)

Give Jones disk

Open Hatch in hall.

(17:10) Equip soap and use on hatch, use hatch. (🏆TROPHY – What a thrill)


(18:13) Go to and use the Treadmill (🏆TROPHY – Cardio, Bruh)

Use glove once down and use circle door

Use glove on blue compressor

Interact with compressor

Pick up glove

Exit and go past ladder to next engineering door then use ladder

Grab Screwdriver in toolbox

Use glove on electrified door

Interact with panel

Talk to jones in sitting room.

He asks you to get a motor


(22:15) Go back to bedroom and use screwdriver on red door, then open it (🏆TROPHY – She’s behind You)


(24:15) Don’t open red locker. Give Jones screwdriver instead and drive rover to camp (🏆TROPHY – Premium Engineering)

(25:56) Find rocks (4 at spaceship – 2 just past Statue of Liberty)

Interact with crate on surface

Talk to Jones at cliff side

(27:32) Use latter and look at Statue of Liberty (🏆TROPHY – Damn you All)

(Starts at 25:56) – Find final 2 rocks (🏆TROPHY +1 Geology)

Take trovel at shrubbery

(28:30) Use bottom option at french people and summon power of greyskull (🏆 Cringer)

Interact with Beagle Two too for the rock

Go back and up ladder and into ship

Exit airlock and go back up ladder and to sitting room, then bedroom bathroom

equip and Use trovel in cat litter to get Metal Detector.

Use Metal Detector on sofa in sitting room to get purse

(32:40) Go back down hatch and enter lab and Examine and use box (Part 1 of While Simultaneously no earned – Must return later)

(33:35) Use typewritter (🏆TROPHY – Master of Unlocking Trophies)

Grab record, examine it, flip it over, equip and then use

(34:08) Use bicycle to put frogs to sleep (🏆TROPHY – Lullabies to paralyze)

(35:00) Equip purse and use it on frog tank, don’t pick up a frog (🏆TROPHY – Nailed it)

Pick up frog

Combine frog and cheese

Exit through airlock and return to french dudes

Select frog on french dude

(37:49) Ask for second cheese and a frog from Jones (🏆TROPHY – Cheese sir, I want some more)

Give french guy only the cheese then combine cheese and frog. Give him the cheese with holes when combined with the frog.

(40:13) If you still need the Schrodinger’s cat, return to box and interact with it (🏆TROPHY – While simultaneously no earned – You must interact with this at two points)

Back at French camp, equip rock and use Rock on Button in the ship.

(41:00) Use Soap on Washer (🏆TROPHY – Bubbles)

Repeat rock button and pick up rock and then use that with the washer.

Interact with flag, play the God Save the Queen and game is complete. (🏆TROPHIES – That’s all we could afford and PLATINUM The Crown Jewels)

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