God of War – All Epic Armor Sets – Fully Upgraded Stats and How to Get The Epic Armor w/ Showcase

Published on April 24, 2018 by PS4Trophies

God of War has 7 Epic Armor sets, each consisting of 3 pieces. All Epic Armor upgrades to Level 8. This video will show you all the stats and abilities for fully upgraded maxed out Epic armor.

0:21 Valkyrie Armor Set – Acquired by defeating the valkyries

0:53 Deadly Mist Armor Set (Ivaldi’s set 1 of 3) – Bring back rusted armor to Sindri

1:21 Endless Mist Armor Set (Ivaldi’s set 2 of 3) – Same as Deadly Mist

1:47 Cursed Mist Armor Set (Ivaldi’s set 3 of 3) – Same as Deadly Mist

2:17 Smoldering Brimstone Armor Set (Muspelheim Trial Set 1 of 3) – Complete the trials

2:48 Fallen Ash Armor Set (Muspelheim Trial set 2 of 3) – Same as Smoldering Brimstone

3:23 Blazing Magma Armor Set (Muspelheim Trial set 3 of 3) – Same as Smoldering Brimstone

Epic Armor upgrades may require Mist Echo’s for upgrades and components received in Muspelheim trials. Each Muspelheim set requires 15 crests of Sutr and requires 5 gold finishes in Trial 6 on impossible difficulty.

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  • It's looog 11 months ago

    Thanks for these tutorials man!
    Can’t stop relying on you.

  • PS4Trophies 11 months ago

    Which is your favorite?

  • MD Mansoor 11 months ago

    Doin a great job man.

  • Arthur Cavazos 11 months ago

    I kinda wished they had like a kinda call back to the other games, like a skirt armour with some greek symbols, the braces on the arms are pur gold with Cerberus heads and a kind of makeshift Golden Fleece on the side of the arm but with like a bull or cow head instead of a ram on there. Im just saying the dwarfs would have loved making an armour set based on past Kratos, but give it some Nortic feel.

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    Do you if there are any armor sets that give a lot of luck?

  • Gongzihao Yu 11 months ago

    Seems like deadly mist and blazing magma are better choices


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