For Honor – New MP Mode – Elimination (4v4) New Maps & Heroes (Peacekeeper, Shugoki & Warlord)

Published on December 15, 2016 by PS4Trophies

4 full matches in For Honor’s new multiplayer mode called Elimination featuring new heroes, Peacekeepers, Shugoki and Warlords. Teammates include Anthony with Neebs Gaming, Etalyx, and Jada with Nerd Reactor

Elimination is a fast-paced multiplayer mode that pits against each other two teams of 4 players where the last surviving player on the battlefield wins the round for their team. First team that wins three rounds, wins the elimination match. With one life, the revive mechanic is important as it can turn the tide of battle by bringing a teammate back to life.

This new mode also introduces boosts, which were not available in previous For Honor multiplayer modes. Boosts bring
temporary advantages to Heroes such as improved attack or defense, increased movement speed or the immediate unlock of the Level 4 Feat.

Peacekeepers are the Assassin Heroes in the Knights Faction. Selected from the desperate, the humbled or the devoted, they are
sworn to secrecy by unbreakable oaths. Quick and lethal, they fight with a short sword in one hand and a dagger in the other.
Peacekeepers are the deadliest duelists of all Assassins, capable of winning a fight before their enemy even knows they are here.
In terms of gameplay, they rely on their good attack damage and outstanding attack speed. Their dagger is poisoned and can
cause enemies to bleed so they lose Health Points over time. As all Assassins, their capacity to block is weaker than average but
they have strong mobility and ability to dodge.

Shugoki are the Heavy Heroes in the Samurai Faction. Once the guardians of the Samurai, they have become as family. Massive
and fierce, their weapon of choice is the kanabo, a huge stick that they only can wield efficiently. The Shugoki might not have the
same agility as the other Samurai, but their rock-like resistance and demon-like strength make them an unavoidable force on the
battlefield. As for gameplay, Shugoki have the highest Health Points amount in the game so they can take a lot of hits before
coming down. When they strike – and they strike hard! – they are unstoppable juggernauts with attacks that are slow but very
difficult to interrupt and send their opponents back a far distance.

Warlords are the Heavy Heroes in the Vikings Faction. Warlord is a name from an ancient Viking tradition, a name that is earned
by only the true leaders in combat, those who are ready to spend their whole life servicing all who need it. Warlords’ shields are
as versatile as they are strong and their sword, while simple in design, is sharp and deadly. Gameplay-wise, Warlords are short to
medium range Heroes who mix an aggressive move set with good defensive properties. When attacking, they leverage their
efficient throws and their uninterruptible Heavy attacks. When defending, they can rely on their ability to block while attacking
and their capacity to temporarily defend all stances at the same time.

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