Destiny 2 Leviathan Pleasure Gardens Raid Guide – Read Description For Detailed Instructions

Published on September 14, 2017 by PS4Trophies

The Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens Leviathan Raid encounter guide. To complete this encounter you have to kill all six Warhounds. When you first enter the area you just need to clear the area. Assign two playeres to be the spotters and then the four remaining players to the pollen squad. It’s the job of the two spotters to call out where the special flowers are located. They’ll also need to rechard their light from time to time There’s always one plant on the left side and one on the right. Collect both and two more will spawn, one on each side once again.

The pollen squad need to pick up the pollen and stealthily make it to the special glowing flower. The spotter calls out it’s location and helps warn them of hounds while they make theyr way. The spotters should take out any Handlers that appear but be careful shooting around the hounds.

The key to this encounter is building up the empowering spores multiplier to x48. When the pollen group gets to the special flower the spotter needs to use the light to charge the pollen. Each flower adds x12. The problem is that you have a limited time before the hounds get restless and start hunting you. Once they start attacking you, you have 60 seconds to take their health down and return to the safe zone. Without x48 or even a x36 damage multiplier, you won’t do anything substantial to them. You have 4 damage rounds to kill all 6 hounds.

The best strategy is to get the health of all 6 dogs really low without killing them and use one round to take down all 6 of them at the same time. If you kill one hound in any round, than the next pollen phase will be shorter and shorter before the hounds get restless preventing you from reaching x48.

My group assigned 1 hound for each player and during each attack of the hound phase, we went to our assigned hound. To get a x48 during the pollen phase, you must move quick, some times even run so knowing where they’re at and their path is paramount.

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★ Destiny 2 includes the following trophies ★

Traveler’s Chosen (Platinum)
Obtain all trophies in Destiny 2.

Long and Winding Road (Silver)
Reach level 20.

Zavala’s Lieutenant (Gold)
Acquire each Titan subclass.

Cayde’s Pathfinder (Gold)
Acquire each Hunter subclass.

Ikora’s Protégé (Gold)
Acquire each Warlock subclass.

Show Me What You Got (Gold)
Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms.

In A Flash (Gold)
Complete a Flashpoint.

The People’s Hero (Silver)
Complete a Heroic public event.

Heart of Darkness (Gold)
Complete a Nightfall strike.

The Life Exotic (Gold)
Collect 15 exotic weapons or armor.

Challenge Accepted (Gold)
Complete 30 challenges.

Belly Of The Beast (Gold)
Complete the Leviathan raid.

The Prestige (Gold)
Complete the Leviathan raid or a Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty.

Lest Ye Be Judged (Gold)
Encounter an Emissary from beyond.

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