Crash Bandicoot – The High Road Platinum Relic (0:59:45) Step by Step Time Trial Walkthrough

Published on July 12, 2017 by PS4Trophies

Crash Bandicoot The High Road Platinum Relic Walkthrough. 59.45 seconds. You’ll need gold or better for the Practice Makes Perfect trophy. The gold minimum time is 1.13.29. I will walk you through each section to help you get this. It’s not easy, but with practice you WILL succeed.

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! (Platinum)
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies.

Papu Popped (Bronze)
Defeat Papu-Papu.

Ripper Ruined (Bronze)
Defeat Ripper Roo.

Koala Konked (Silver)
Defeat Koala Kong.

Pinstripe Patooey (Silver)
Defeat Pinstripe Potoroo.

Nitrus Broken (Gold)
Defeat N. Brio.

Cortex N. Capacitated (Gold)
Defeat N. Cortex.

Spin Doctor (Bronze)
In a single level, spin an enemy into another enemy twice.

I Meant To Do That! (Bronze)
Spin away an Extra Life.

That’s What Those Do! (Bronze)
Enter a Bonus Round after collecting 3 Character Tokens.

A Hidden Gem (Silver)
Discover a Gem Path after earning a Color Gem.

Cortex’s Crazed Contest (Silver)
Earn the Key in Sunset Vista.

Cortex’s Terrifying Trial (Silver)
Earn the Key in Jaws of Darkness.

More Gems Are Better Than None (Gold)
Earn 13 Gems.

The Ultimate Gem Path (Gold)
Earn 26 Gems.

Catch Me If You Can! (Bronze)
Earn 5 Relics.

Could Go… All… The… Way! (Silver)
Earn 10 Relics (gold or better).

Practice Makes Perfect! (Gold)
Earn 26 Relics (gold or better).

Feeeed Meeeee! (Bronze)

I See London, I See France (Silver)

The Box That Broke the Bandicoot’s Back (Bronze)
Miss a lot of boxes.

No Holds Barred (Gold)
Defeat 5 enemies with Coco’s Spin.

On Cloud 99 (Gold)
Earn 99 Lives.

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  • PS4Trophies 1 month ago

    Did this trial stop your chances at the platinum trophy? If you passed this, how quickly did you get to the end?

    Remember, you CAN DO THIS. It took me 3 hours to get the gold relic and now I can get platinum relic with regularity.

  • Roof1975 1 month ago

    If the controls were actually good, maybe I could jump to and from ropes with ease. Unfortunately the controls are touchy and garbage. These remasters way harder then originals

  • mfsketchthis13 1 month ago

    You’re my hero.

  • Nuclear Potato 1 month ago

    in crash bandicoot, who is the tiki black guy

  • Gerald Flynn 1 month ago

    Me with Crash Bandicoot = do level, complete level, try next level, fail level… Game: Do you want to continue? Me: Nah, im alright like, Exit, Close application…

  • ESE_CRIMEZ X3 1 month ago

    U make it look so easy thanks

  • Icy Ninja 1 month ago

    I can’t pass the stage normaly how am I gonna do this Jesus I beat the original but can’t beat the remastered

  • Dylan Dugan 1 month ago

    The High Road is the only time trial I have left. I’ve been running it all day (literally just over three and a half hours today alone) and can’t get any better than 1:17. Finally decided to take a break, and guess what I find in my sub box…

  • louis andrews 1 month ago

    High road is easy for me the hardest one was the lab kept messing up right before the TNT jump at the end (I only went for gold on all mine)

  • Jack Miller 1 month ago

    You’re doing God’s work. I got it last night but I’m glad this video is out there.

  • pallmally 1 month ago

    i only used the ropes and get it in 52 sec ( 10 hour try and fail xd )

  • flex offender 1 month ago

    oh fuck you, mental

  • Borna Hrvojić 1 month ago


  • xhussin 1 month ago

    i get 1:10 it was so hard

  • Wired Vex 1 month ago

    yeah lol I got the platinum on the first full run of the level did all that ps4 trophies suggests to do not at all hard pay attention to what your doing. this just showed that this requires you to be 2 steps ahead and ready to jump when needed.

  • coverandoacasa 1 month ago

    only one step: having a lot of luck and patience

  • Demolisher_275- PSN 1 month ago


  • Sem Nome 1 month ago

    Just run the whole level in the rope and get the time bonus boxes, i’ve got 57 secs

  • camilo martan 1 month ago

    it was very hard but I finally got my platinum trophy 4 days ago

  • Simon Carter 1 month ago

    Did this yesterday took me over an hour

  • Josef Plays Games 1 month ago

    I’m struggling with the first level actually. I hate waiting for the crates to appear when you’re invincible always slows me down.

  • Milktank171 1 month ago

    wow this level looks insanely difficult. gonna be a bitch to get that gold relic. its gonna take me awhile to platinum crash 1 lol

  • MsTragedy ! 1 month ago

    Watching the turtles spin away slowly is so funny! lol (∩_∩)

  • abdulrahman mohammed 1 month ago

    Spent more than 5 hours to get the gold relic for this sick level and it was my only time finishing it

  • umar hussain 1 month ago

    The ropes are too difficult to get right every time. As soon as you start wait till crash bobs 7 times then run through it as normal the turtles will all be correctly positioned. That’s how I got the platinum relic.

  • hiddenbutdeadly 1 month ago

    i wanna see the guy who play tested this

    “alright jumps that you BARELY clear….yep thats not infuriating at all…k DONE!”


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