Crash Bandicoot 1 N. Sane Trilogy – All 26 Time Trial Relics (Gold and Platinum Time Trial Relics)

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Crash Bandicoot 1 N. Sane Trilogy Time Trials. These are all 26 time trial levels with at least gold or platinum relics. Earn a gold or platinum relic on each of the 26 time trials to earn the Practice Makes Perfect trophy.

Timestamp – Level (Minimum time for Gold)

0:40 N. Sanity Beach Time Trial (Gold – 28.26)
1:38 Jungle Rollers Time Trial (Gold 48.12)
2:54 The Great Gate Time Trial (Gold 53.29)
4:08 Boulders Time Trial (Gold 49.44)
5:24 Upstream Time Trial (Gold 49.95)
6:38 Rolling Stones Time Trial(Gold 50.35)
7:56 Hog Wild Time Trial (Gold 47.53)
9:07 Native Fortress Time Trial (Gold 2.25.87)
12:00 Up The Creek Time Trial (Gold 1:20.25)
13:43 The Lost City Time Trial (Gold 1.56.12)
16:07 Temple Ruins Time Trial (Gold 1.32.61)
18:04 Road to Nowhere Time Trial (Gold 1.03.26)
19:36 Boulder Dash Time Trial (Gold 1.24.61)
21:19 Whole Hod Time Trial (Gold 30.44)
22:24 Sunset Vista Time Trial (Gold 4.10.04)
26:52 Heavy Machinery Time Trial (Gold 1.57.52)
29:15 Cortex Power Time Trial (Gold 43.98)
30:18 Generator Room Time Trial (Gold 1.08.37)
31:55 Toxic Waste Time Trial (Gold 1.03.47)
33:24 The High Road Time Trial (Gold 1.13.29)
34:54 Slippery Climb Time Trial (Gold 3.00.47)
38:19 Lights Out Time Trial (Gold 1.20.67)
39:44 Fumbling in the Dark Time Trial (Gold 1.57.68)
41:37 Jaws of Darkness Time Trial (Gold 1.59.21)
43:58 Castle Machinery Time Trial (Gold 2.37.61)
46:50 The Lab Time Trial (Gold 56.22)

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! (Platinum)
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies.

Papu Popped (Bronze)
Defeat Papu-Papu.

Ripper Ruined (Bronze)
Defeat Ripper Roo.

Koala Konked (Silver)
Defeat Koala Kong.

Pinstripe Patooey (Silver)
Defeat Pinstripe Potoroo.

Nitrus Broken (Gold)
Defeat N. Brio.

Cortex N. Capacitated (Gold)
Defeat N. Cortex.

Spin Doctor (Bronze)
In a single level, spin an enemy into another enemy twice.

I Meant To Do That! (Bronze)
Spin away an Extra Life.

That’s What Those Do! (Bronze)
Enter a Bonus Round after collecting 3 Character Tokens.

A Hidden Gem (Silver)
Discover a Gem Path after earning a Color Gem.

Cortex’s Crazed Contest (Silver)
Earn the Key in Sunset Vista.

Cortex’s Terrifying Trial (Silver)
Earn the Key in Jaws of Darkness.

More Gems Are Better Than None (Gold)
Earn 13 Gems.

The Ultimate Gem Path (Gold)
Earn 26 Gems.

Catch Me If You Can! (Bronze)
Earn 5 Relics.

Could Go… All… The… Way! (Silver)
Earn 10 Relics (gold or better).

Practice Makes Perfect! (Gold)
Earn 26 Relics (gold or better).

Feeeed Meeeee! (Bronze)

I See London, I See France (Silver)

The Box That Broke the Bandicoot’s Back (Bronze)
Miss a lot of boxes.

No Holds Barred (Gold)
Defeat 5 enemies with Coco’s Spin.

On Cloud 99 (Gold)
Earn 99 Lives.

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