2016 Trophy Awards – The Top 10 Best Trophy Lists of the Year

Published on January 4, 2017 by PS4Trophies

The 2016 Trophy Awards kicks off with a look at the games with the best trophy lists of the past year. These games were all voted on by you guys. Stay tuned for the top 10 easiest platinum trophies and top 10 hardest platinum trophies from 2016

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  • NitroGreenGaming 2 weeks ago

    Nice list!

  • Ghost Viper 2 weeks ago

    4th view

  • Kyle Rogers 2 weeks ago

    You earned a new sub bro, keep up the great trophy videos!

  • Ronan729 2 weeks ago

    I only platinumed Uncharted 4 and COD MW last year, im slacking

  • BigBoss72 2 weeks ago


  • thedraco7 2 weeks ago

    i thought i was the only one who didn’t play overwatch last year. uncharted
    4 goty!

  • Bonus Perks – Subscribe! 2 weeks ago

    *For those who want to know the Top 10 real quick*

    1) Uncharted 4
    2) Watch Dogs 2
    3) Final Fantasy XV
    4) Ratchet & Clank
    5) Rise of the Tomb Raider
    6) Modern Warfare Remastered
    7) Titanfall 2
    8) Overwatch
    9) Far Cry Primal
    10) Battlefield 1

  • Mitchell Hocking 2 weeks ago

    will u cover kingdom hearts 2.8?

  • York 2 weeks ago

    My first platinum trophy ever is the ratchet and clank one which I did the
    other week and it took only 3 tries at the game and mwr I can’t do 1 mile
    high club so that now with the exploit could be my 2nd

  • Alex Ramos 2 weeks ago


  • Random guy 2 weeks ago

    2016 was a great year for games, hopefully this year will be too with
    horizon, mass effect, red dead redemption 2 etc

  • James 2 weeks ago

    Surprised WD2 isn’t first

  • SoBanked- 2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait to play Watch Dogs 2 and Ratchet and Clank

  • John spain 2 weeks ago

    literally got the skyrim platinum about 30 seconds ago and it only took 3

  • Wired Vex 2 weeks ago

    great video as always. hey was wondering how do you choose the game to post
    on here I know you have a website that does well just about everything but
    you don’t necessarily post everything on here. also was wondering, i looked
    around and couldn’t find how Sony decides how a platinum comes to be, was
    wondering if you knew.

  • nickolas/FlamesHaze 2B 2 weeks ago

    Man what happened to destiny

  • Redzy 2 weeks ago

    You’re the man Brian, looking forward to the other two lists!

  • XxKFCrockersxX 2 weeks ago

    I have to admit that the hidden trophies in Uncharted 4 were some of my
    favorite trophies.

  • dadmumdarrenV2 2 weeks ago

    wtf titanfall 2 and rise of the tomb raider are some of the worst list

  • den lilla minigrisen 2 weeks ago

    Wd2 was the first game i got a platinum thropy from

  • Newdawn 2 weeks ago

    ive been waiting for this. un4 deserved nr1 spot

  • Dopamine Detail 2 weeks ago

    I’m so glad to see Ratchet and Clank on this list I loved the new game I
    felt the nostalgia of the old games when I was playing the new one. then
    when I finally got that hover boarding trophy that just filled me with a
    sense of pride because me and a friend spent about 2 hours working to get
    that trophy. Thanks for the video for the how to get it for that trophy
    that was a great help towards getting that trophy.

  • Rashid J 2 weeks ago

    That Song Seek trophy back in Watch Dogs was the only trophy stopping me
    from getting the Platinum, so I’m glad they didn’t have it in the following

  • Sean Sullivan 2 weeks ago

    Doesn’t Farcry Primal have a glitched trophy for killing the legendary
    beasts or something like that?

  • mjc0961 2 weeks ago

    This video has no Schick Hydrobots, which means you have done a more
    respectable awards show than The Game Awards. Congratulations!

  • IamKnucks 2 weeks ago

    What’s with all the ads? 3 ads in a 12 min video? thumbs down.

  • rlx_nxth 2 weeks ago

    Watch dogs 2 is a bullshit platinum. That hold my hair trophy is broken. I
    took a pic of a guy vomiting and i didnt get the trophy. Okay.

  • LtGrayFire98 2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait for 2017 games and what trophies they’ll have for us trophy
    hunter’s! :D

  • LtGrayFire98 2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait for 2017 games and the new trophies within them for us trophy
    hunters to earn them! :D

  • SuperSaiyan3985 2 weeks ago

    100% agree with this list! I found 2016 to be a relatively easy year for
    trophy hunting because there was little BS and it involved a lot more fun
    and creativity. I hope game devs can keep it up like this and stay away
    from absolute shitty trophies.


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