The Last of Us Chapter 4 – Bill’s Town Collectibles

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The Woods

 Artifact – Pills Note – You will come up to an area with a couple clickers hiding with a building in the middle that has two entrances. In the back room on the floor is this artifact.

 Shiv Door #3 – Nearby the Pills Note building.

 Conversation #7 – You will come upon the main street. Across from where you enter this area from cheap jerseys is a Pizza shop with an arcade machine inside. Approach this machine and Ellie will give you the prompt for this conversation.

 Artifact – Perimeter Note – Halfway down the main street will be a record store on the left. The will be in the back room of the store.

 Shiv Door #4 – This is located behind the record store

 Artifact – Note to Bob – This is at the end of the main street with the record store.

 Firefly Pendant – Hui Wang – This is on top of the RV in front of the record store. To get on top, climb the police car in front of it.

 Artifact – Note to Rachel – After you get the bow, you will climb across a couple rooftops. When you get to the ground, you will need to destroy a double trip wire trap. Instead, cheap mlb jerseys head down to the left until you get to a door. In this house on the second floor will be a note to Rachel.


 Artifact – Bill’s Map – This is right at the beginning of the sub chapter “Safe House” when Bill tells you on to take any supplies you may need. It’ll be just to your right when you take control.

 Artifact – Fences Note – This is in the same area as the previous. It’ll be in the back room behind you from where you start.

 Training Manual – Shiv: Sharpening – This is in the same area as the previous two. It’ll be on the bar.

 Conversation #8 – In the same bar as the previous three collectibles, there will be a chess set on one of tables with the trigger.

 Artifact – Hunters Note – From the previous three, after walking up the stairs wholesale jerseys China head right to another room. It’ll be on the small round table.

 Firefly Pendant – Alex Raymond Vincent – On your way to the safehouse, you will reach an area with a bunch of runners and a few clickers. Before entering the gate to get to the safehouse (church) look in at the streetlight in front of the ambulance. It will be hanging from that Jerseys streetlight. Shoot it down to collect your reward.


 Toolbox #1 – This is located in the first floor of the church, or safehouse. This is where Bill give’s you the nail bomb.

 Artifact – Bombs Note – When you enter the safehouse, take the stairs to the second floor and make your may to the back room through the church. On the table will be this note.

 Firefly Pendant – Peter Mrozic – After leaving the safehouse you’ll eventually come to a road with runners on them. There will be two of them in front of you and one on the road to the left. Continue up the road past where the two were at and enter through a fence. On top of this hill to the right as you enter through the opening in the fence is a blue-green house. In the laundry room, on top of the dryer is this pendant.

 Artifact – Boy’s Diary – You will + enter the background of a house with an empty in-ground pool. Enter the house and go up to the second floor. It’ll be in the room with the bunk beds.

 Conversation #9 – In the same room with the Boy’s Diary, talk to Ellie

High School Escape

 Conversation #10 – After escaping the high school at the end of Bill’s Town, you will come to a house with a pickup truck you’ll need to push. Before pushing the truck out of the garage, talk to Ellie while she’s in the driver’s seat.

 Artifact – Note from Frank – When you get to a truck that you need to push, look in the house and in the back room on a desk will be the note.

 Artifact – Note from Frank (take two) – After getting the note the first time, go take it to Bill and engage in an optional conversation. He will read the note and then throw it down to the ground. Pick it up again this second time.

 Conversation #11 – This is tied to the previous artifact when Standard you give Bill the note.

 Artifact – Demo1 Siphon Hose – Given at the end of the chapter (story related – not in video)

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